Real Vs Fake Air Jordan 1 UNC Off White Courtesy Of EDS Kicks

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The Fake pairs of the Off White sneakers are the hardest to detect; I’ve avoided doing comparisons on these because without the backdrop of an  authentic pair, it’s almost impossible to find the flaws. For this comparison , I went on youtube and looked for a concise video that I can share on the site. I found one from EDS kicks ( subscribe to his channel )and also added a couple of pictures I deemed helpful as well.

Here is the video

Additional Tips from Housakicks

 The font of the letters on the authentic pair’s label slightly bigger and bolder than it is on the fakes. Interestingly, the color of the letters and digits  is snow white on the fake pair and off-white and the authentic label.

The production date is not the same ( I suggest you stay away from any seller whose inside label is identical to fake one). The edges of the label feature horizontal blue lines on the authentic pair and secant lines on the fake. The upc code isn’t the same either between both labels.

Ebay has been polluted with tons of fakes and you’ll do well to watch the video above thoroughly.

tayib salami