Real vs Fake: Air Foamposite One Pewter Real vs Fake 2016

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The Air Foamposite One Pewter was the latest introduction of the Nike Foamposite series back in the Spring of 2010. It was received with a great enthusiasm by Sneakerheads.  After 6 years now, this particular is almost impossible to find for less than $500 in a new condition anywhere unless used. And moreover any brand new pair available at this point pretty much will have yellowing soles due to oxidation. But As I was doing some search on ebay, I came across a few pairs of brand new Air Foamposite One Pewter and upon closer inspection , I was able to identify them as replica shoes. The interesting part is I was not able to spot them spontaneously like i would a few years ago, reason being the replica factories have now upgraded their materials and equipment and are replicating shoes that are near identical to the original authentic ones.

Air foamposite One Pewter

So my next move was to find the origin of these shoes which led me to Taobao ( popular chinese selling platform where you will find all types of legitimate and illegitimate products). It did not take me long to fidn a pair of those Replica Air Foamposite One priced at less than $140. So I decided to do a quick comparison to help buyers see differences between a Fake/Replica/Unauthorized Air Foamposite one Pewter and a Real Authentic Pair. Check the video below for details

tayib salami
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