Don’t Get Got: Pre Yellowed Soles Fake Air Jordan 11 Columbia Spotted

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I was looking for official pictures of the Jordan 11 wool, and stumbled upon a Fake Air Jordan 11 Columbia. What really caught my attention were the yellowed soles; at first I thought the shoes were real until I looked at them thoroughly. I wonder how many people( including dudes that have been in the game for a longtime) would be fooled by these. I’m sure OG sneaker heads can easily spot them after looking at two or three pictures. What about this new school of sneaker heads? well, I’m not going to answer that question, but I will quickly show you how to bust these pre yellowed bootlegs Columbia’s.


Take a look at the blue oval circles on the authentic pair , you can see that the yellowing is natural and was caused by oxidation ( the soles will slowly yellow with time ). On the Fake pair the entire sole is yellow ( the shoes were produced with that gum yellow sole, in an attempt to fool buyers). Furthermore, you will notice that the Jumpman is visible on the real pair ( see green rectangle) and hardly noticeable on the Fake pair.


The patent leather on the Fake Air Jordan 11 Columbia is cut low ( see the difference between the yellow arrow and the black arrow on the authentic pair). Take a look at the position of the “23” ,on the real pair it is positioned higher.


The jumpman on the fake pair is of a lighter and pale blue color; moreover, the material around the heel is of a premium leather on the real pair and probably a cheaper/synthetic leather on the fakes.


The extension of the tongue is built with mesh-with time it will start to change color and might eventually turn yellow. If you look at the fake pair, the mesh is still clean white, that just won’t happen with a shoe this old.



The 1995 Jordan 11 Columbia came with the box with a red Jumpman, while the 2000 edition came with a Jordan face box. You can can clearly see the differences.

This is probably a very easy fake to detect but people still need to be warned; I used to think ” well, everyone should know this is fake” . I do so no longer after seeing the countless number of unsuspecting and gullible folks who have been taken advantage of.




2015 EDITION referred to As Legend Blue Air Jordan 11

tayib salami