The PK Replica Off White Nike Air Presto, Upgraded With OEM Materials

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I recently shared an article about Adidas having a serious problem with replicas.I stated in the post that there is a newer breed of replica Adidas Yeezy 350’s that is basically identical to their authentic counterpart. You can read the entire post in the link below

Adidas Has A Problem That Can No Longer Be Ignored

Adidas shouldn’t be singled out when it comes to this issue; Nike has dealt with the fake sneakers’s thorn for years but somehow the brand has managed to dodge a lot of bullets by serving the consumers with good quality products with intricate details that made it easy to differentiate them from fakes. But we are living in an ever evolving world and the internet has made information very accessible. A lot of the things you’ll read here might be repetitive but replica factories are basically connected to every social media outlet, and are always sharpening their listening and observational skills. They watch us ridicule their bootlegs and they got back to the lab and improve them. They’ve done even better now, they are sourcing their raw materials from places where major brands source theirs. And on top of it, they’ve invested millions of dollars in expensive machinery to create unbelievable replicas. One such company is well known on Instagram PK; they have garnered a large following. This morning they company took to IG to inform their loyalists that they got their hands on authentic materials for the OFF white Nike air presto. They are doing something major brands aren’t doing quite right. They are getting their audience so involved in the manufacturing process that when the finished product is out, it sells out. Check the pictures below and Pk’s own caption to see the severity of this problem that brands keep ignoring to their own demise. The more brands like Adidas and Nike ignore this, the worse it’s going to become; Nike and Adidas are already having a hard time moving their GR sneakers, and now that the replica industry is perfecting the more limited sneakers, what do you think is going to happen? How long do these brands think  consumers are going to keep their loyalty?

the 3D diagram is basically their proof to show the consumer that they have access to authentic raw materials
They are literally getting the consumer involved in their entire manufacturing process

I’m not encouraging anyone to buy fake sneakers, all I’m trying to do is open your eyes to the reality we live in now. Just think about how many replicas like the one above are floating on eBay and other sneaker marketplaces. Even demanding a receipt from a third party merchant guarantees nothing, if shoes can be easily replicated how easier is it to replicate a receipt?


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