Introducing Unlimited Legit Check For Your Sneakers

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One of the most visited sections on my website is the Legit check page. Folks from all over the world come to this website to authenticate their sneakers. I’ve created a database of more than 200 side by side comparisons between legitimate and counterfeit sneakers. And I’m glad  that they serve a good purpose. Today I’m introducing unlimited legit check, a monthly subscription that will allow you to authenticate a countless number of sneakers. The subscription comes with additional perks:

1.Get Access To Our Premium Content

2.Get Exclusive Access To Early Links, Coupons & Sneaker Steals

3.Get  a periodical Report On Sneakers and other items you can resell for money

4.Get your Sneaker Story/Collection or Store Featured on Housakicks ( we receive about 300, 000 page views a month)

5. Get periodically put into our raffle for a chance to win a free item ( sneakers for the most part but also other items)

6.  Get your fee waived on the first three items your purchased every month via our concierge proxy shopping service



After You sign up, fill out the form below and take advantage of our unlimited legit check

You can also use our one time legit check, see form below


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