How To Spot & Identify The Fake Solefly Air Jordan 1 Low Carnivore

real vs fake solefly air jordan 1 low carnivore
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The Fake Solefly Air Jordan 1 Low Carnivore has been out for quite some time and I didn’t get an opportunity to write a post to expose it until now. With fake sneakers getting better by the minute, it is getting harder to detect them, especially to the untrained eye. I have to admit that the fake Solefly Jordan 1 I came across looked really amazing. That is definitely a testament to how much effort replica factories are putting into their craft. The shoe has a current resale value in the low $2000’s, so it is imperative that we learn how to spot the counterfeit. Areas I’ll focus on will be the tongue tab, the back, the wings logo, the outsole, the material, the inside label and more.

tayib salami