How To Spot & Identify The Fake Jordan 1 Co.JP Midnight Navy

Real vs Fake Air Jordan 1 Midnight Navy 16
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I will be writing a projection  post  about the possible number of pairs of the Air Jordan 1 Co.Jp Midnight Navy in a few days. While I was doing some research on the shoe , I came across fake pairs that are circulating on the market and today I put together a guide that will teach you how to identify them. You can test yourself with these two side by side pictures below

Real vs Fake Air Jordan 1 Midnight Navy 15

If you were able to figure out which pair was fake then kudos to you. It’s hard for the untrained eye to identify a counterfeit especially with the advent of the so -called 98.9%ers. If you haven’t read my post on that I’ll invite you to visit the link below

Fake Sneakers No Longer Get You Excommunicated, PerfecktKicks, The Problem

The video below will teach you how to authenticate the Jordan 1 High Midnight Navy

As I mentioned earlier I released a guide today that will help you spot and identify the Spot & Identify The Fake Jordan 1 Co.JP Midnight Navy

Table of Contents: Areas targeted

Preliminary  steps

Back Panel underlay ( upper part)

Lateral Panel Underlay

Back (Bottom portion of the Heel Overlay)

Arrangement of Laces and lacebag

Inside tongue tab

Box color/shade

Box label:

.MSRP sticker

.Label Font


Inside label

All these areas were covered and will definitely show you what  to look for prior to making any purchases online via third party sellers

You can download now or click the banner below

real vs fake air jordan 1 midnight navy


Where to buy authentic pairs

You can purchase the size 9 right now see details below

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