How To Spot & Identify The Fake Air Jordan 12 Low Easter

Real Vs Fake air jordan 12 low easter 8

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Today we’ll learn how to spot and identify the fake Air Jordan 12 Low Easter. When I wrote the projection post on this shoe, I was under the impression that it would perform relatively well via third party marketplaces. But I’ve been very surprised to see that most retailers sill have several pairs of this model sitting on their shelves. I did mention in my post that the shoe was overpriced and I don’t think people are willing to fork out that much money for it.

Fake pairs have been out for more than a couple of months now and actually the replica industry has already produced a second batch of this model. The post will look at the following areas: plastic tab, mudguard, back tab, leather texture, position of tab, outsole, spacing , box label, inside label, and more. Before we check out the nuances between the fake and real pair, let’s go through our preliminary steps.

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