How To Spot & Identify The Fake Air Jordan 1 Volt Gold

Real Vs Fake Air Jordan 1 High Volt gold
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I wrote a post about the possible number of pairs made of the Jordan 1 Volt Gold, yesterday see link below

Air Jordan 1 High OG Volt Gold 555088-118, Where To Buy, How Many Pairs Made & Resell

I’m also aware of the fact that fake pairs of the shoes have been circulating and in this post , I’ll quickly show you quick tips to identify the Fake Air Jordan 1 Volt Gold. First, let’s go through our preliminary steps

1. Smell the shoes

One of the dead giveaway is the smell/odor of the glue uses to construct the replicas. If the glue smell is really strong to the point of irritating your nostrils, then you’ve probably being dealt a counterfeit

2.Proof of Purchase

Ask for a proof of purchase. Receipt must include details such as provenance, time of purchase, date and any other relevant information. If a seller is reluctant to provide that, I will strongly urge to refrain from following through with the purchase.

Now let’s look at actual flaws that were spotted.

Real Vs Fake Air Jordan 1 High Volt gold

The height is always a dead giveaway, a great number of the fake Jordan 1 highs look like the mid cut jordan 1. In this case you clearly see the that the gap between the heel strap and the heel liner is very short on the fake pair, thus indicating that it’s not as high at the real pair. Also the heel counter appears to be very vertical with no inclination at all on the fake pair ( see yellow line).

Real Vs Fake Air Jordan 1 High Volt gold 1

Look at the edges of the heel liner of the fake pair, you can clearly see the loose threads ( see red arrow pointing up). And you’ll also see that the tongue tab on the inside has a different coloration ( a lot darker on the fake pair).

Real Vs Fake Air Jordan 1 High Volt gold 3

No comments needed on the picture above, you can clearly see that the pattern of the enclosed area differs between both shoes.

Real Vs Fake Air Jordan 1 High Volt gold 4

The Fake Air Jordan 1 Volt Gold box is red with black highlights while the authentic box is black with red highlights. The fake label has the wrong color code and bolder and different fonts on its letterings and numbers  ( see yellow rectangle).

There you have it folks,  I’ll add more pictures once I get ahold of the shoe.

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Where to buy authentic pairs of the Jordan 1 Volt Gold

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