How To Spot & Identify The Fake Air Jordan 1 Shadow 2.0

Real vs Fake Air Jordan 1 Shadow 2.0 9

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In this post, I will quickly show you how to spot and identify the fake Air Jordan 1 Shadow 2.0. The actual sneaker is supposed to the officially release on Saturday May the 9th and fakes have hit the market for some time now. I’ve seen already two different batches of fakes, and they keep getting better by the minute. I wrote a projection post this morning on the Shadow 1 2.0.

In this guide, areas that I focused on are the wings logo, the swoosh logo, the perforations on the toe box, the box label, the lace bag, the size label and the insole. The replica has so perfected the Jordan 1 that the differences between the fakes and the legitimate pair are abysmal. Before we check out the nuances, let’s go through our preliminary steps.

tayib salami