How To Spot & Identify The Fake Air Jordan 1 High OG Heritage Red

REAL Vs fake air jordan 1 high og heritage OFFICIAL
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When it comes to sneakers, there’s no question that Air Jordans are at the top of the list for many. And while there are countless models and colorways out there, nothing quite compares to the OG Red Air Jordan 1 High. There are still pairs sitting on various retailers’ shelves, but I can guarantee you that within a year, prices are going to skyrocket. Even though the Heritage 1 is still available in stores, fake pairs have been floating around. In this post, we’ll quickly show you how to spot and identify the fake air Jordan 1 high OG heritage Red. Areas of our focus will be the toe area, the wings logo, the inserts, box, shape and more.

Before we talk about the nuances, let’s first go through our preliminaries.

. Smell the shoes ( only if you’ve already made the purchase)

One of the dead giveaway is the smell/odor of the glue uses to construct the replicas. If the glue smell is really strong to the point of irritating your nostrils, then you’ve probably being dealt a counterfeit

.Proof of Purchase

Ask for a proof of purchase. Receipt must include details such as provenance, time of purchase, date and any other relevant information. If a seller is reluctant to provide that, I will strongly urge to refrain from following through with the purchase.

Toe Area

REAL Vs fake air jordan 1 high og heritage 2

Zero in on the edges of the toe box. It’s very subtle but the leather material is much thicker on the authentic pair ( see yellow circles). You’ll notice that the leather appears to be stacked on the legitimate pair. But on the fake it’s flat.


REAL Vs fake air jordan 1 high og heritage 3

The authentic pair has a wider tongue, and the color isn’t the same between both pairs. While the Fake pair is off white, the authentic pair has a plain white color.

EAL Vs fake air jordan 1 high og heritage behind tongue

This is a look at the differences behind the tongue. The inside label is placed a little too high on the fake pair ( see green lines). And the upper stitching is missing the dots on the fakes. Moreover the inner tongue has a more pronounced pattern on the replicas ( see green rectangles).


REAL Vs fake air jordan 1 high og heritage 4

A closer look at the back shows you how much wider the legitimate pair is in comparison to the narrower fake pair. The differences are obvious, the replica pair is narrower near the top ( it doesn’t open up). See green line.

Ankle Collar

EAL Vs fake air jordan 1 high og heritage ANKLE COLLAR

The ankle collar highlights the narrowness of the Fake Air Jordan 1 High  OG Heritage Red. You can clearly see how much wider the authentic pair is, see green lines.

Wings Logo

REAL Vs fake air jordan 1 high og heritage wings logo

One of the major problems with fake Jordan 1s is the wings logo. In our peculiar case, the fake pair’s logo is smaller ( as indicated by the green lines). Both shoes are size 12s but the spacing between the logo and the stitching is much bigger on the fake pair. Also notice how much shinier the ball is on the authentic is ( see yellow circle)


REAL Vs fake air jordan 1 high og heritage inserts

The “die cut sockliner” wording is missing on the fake shoe’s inserts.


REAL Vs fake air jordan 1 high og heritage Insole

It is a bit hard to see but the legit pair comes with a “dreamgel ” insole ( it is indicated on its bottom). But the fake pair doesn’t have that insole. The differences are quite obvious.

Lace Bags

REAL Vs fake air jordan 1 high og heritage LACE BAGS 1

REAL Vs fake air jordan 1 high og heritage 1

No comments are really needed here, you can clearly see that the red laces don’t have the same shade. The fake pair comes in a burgundy red color while the legit pair has a bright red color.


REAL Vs fake air jordan 1 high og heritage box

The legit pair is slightly higher, it’s hard to see but it’s there.

There you have it folks,  Hopefully with these tips, you’ll be able to quickly legit check the Air Jordan 1 high OG Heritage. I’ll update the post as soon as a new batch of fakes appears. In the meantime, do not buy this shoe from anyone unless all things above that I mentioned are cleared. I was able to pick out all these flaws thanks to a video I watched on Youtube courtesy of Jacob Marcelius.

Where to Buy Legit Pairs Of The Air Jordan 1 Heritage

You can buy it from our shop, CLICK HERE

You can check out our other real vs fake comparisons via the Legit Check page. If you need additional help, feel free to reach out  by emailing me at or fill out the form below



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