How To Spot & Identify Any Fake Air Jordan 4 Retro Sneakers

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In the last ten years, I’ve authored several legit check posts on the Jordan 4. Because of an incident that occurred a few days ago, I decided to publish a definite piece on how to detect Fake Air Jordan 4 sneakers. I sold a pair of Jordan 4 Fear Pack (genuine, of course) on eBay, and the authentication team arbitrarily concluded that the shoe’s authenticity couldn’t be validated and canceled the transaction. I was so taken back by their lack of qualifications that I wrote an entire post on it, which you can find at the link below. As a result, I think it is fitting that I write this post. I’ll focus on the main areas counterfeiters usually get wrong on most Jordan 4’s. But first, let’s go through our preliminaries.

tayib salami
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