How To Identify & Legit Check The Fake Air Jordan 1 Japan Co

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About two weeks ago, I was contacted by the owner of ( a replica selling website) who wanted me to review a pair of shoes for him. I told him that it was against my policy to do so since one of the primary function of my site is- exposing fakes. He still insisted on sending a pair of shoe for a comparison and i acquiesced to his request. The shoe sent was the Air Jordan 1 Japan Co. The owner of PLUG ( a third party marketplace) was also gracious enough to send me a pair of legitimate/authentic Jordan 1 Japan Co to help me with this comparison. I’ll invite you to watch the video thoroughly and if you’re interested in purchasing authentic pairs of this model be sure to visit

Here are some additional side by side pictures

real vs fake air jordan 1 japan co 4

The fake box has a darker/somber shade of grey than the authentic box ( the legitimate box is a lot lighter, see picture above)

real vs fake air jordan 1 japan co 2

There is a subtle difference here that is really hard to catch, I hope you were able to spot it. The authentic tissue paper has more shinier details on its jumpman than the fake one. The fake paper’s jumpman logo isn’t as vibrant.

real vs fake air jordan 1 japan co 1

The fake box’s label is missing the MSRP “tear up” sticker at the end. That doesn’t mean much because sneakers that are released outside the USA do not usually have that sticker, but this is still an important detail to mention. The font of the letters and numbers on the fake box label appear thicker than the ones on the authentic box label ( more refined).

There you have it folks, you Can purchase authentic pairs via eBay from the legitimate sellers-CLICK HERE


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