Fake Pairs Of The Air Jordan 11 Miami Dolphins Are Out, Beware!!!

Fake air jordan 11 miami dolphins
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When news of a sample pair of the Air Jordan 11 Miami Dolphins began circulating on sneaker blogs, it created an enormous amount of buzz. All that excitement was not lost on replica factories who sprung into action and quickly manufactured a full size run of the model. Just a few days ago, I myself spotted the replica popping up online and wanted to make sure that you were aware of it.

Fake air jordan 11 miami dolphins

The fake pair  certainly packs a punch with its eye-catching colorway. Sporting a combination of the iconic patent leather and mesh material in Miami Dolphins teal, the uppers are sure to turn heads. Adding an extra touch of Dolphins pride, branding in the team’s vivid orange appears on both the Jumpman logo located at the heel and on the outsole. When it comes to getting the colorway right, the bootleggers certainly got it right. And I’m sure a lot of people are going to grab these despite the fact that they are counterfeits.

Is there A Way To Identify The Fake Air Jordan 11 Miami Dolphins

Without the backdrop of an authentic pair, there’s very little you can do to identify them. Common sense says that there are are no official news of the this colorway even dropping so any pairs you see online is probably fake. But I said earlier that there was a sample pair that generated a lot of buzz. So let’s see how this pair compares to it.

Outsole: Fake Jordan 11 Miami Dolphins

fake air jordan 11 miami dolphins outsole

As you can see in the image above, the fake pair’s outsole is  slightly yellow and more cloudy than the sample pair’s outsole which appears to be more icy. The jumpman logo is more visible on the sample pair ( it is more translucent).


fake air jordan 11 miami dolphins insole

Another important detail to look at is the jumpman logo on the insole. On the majority of fakes, the ink used of  cheap quality, which means that as soon as the wearer steps foot in the shoe, the logo will come off, see picture below as an example.

real vs fake air jordan 4 white oreo tech white 9
This is the supporting evidence. The picture is from a fake pair of the Jordan 4 Oreo, you see how easily the logo peels off

Inside Tag

fake air jordan 11 miami dolphins insIDE tag

Be sure to also check out the inside tag and zero in on the production date. If anyone attempts to sell you a pair with a similar production date, stay away from it.

Here are additional images of the fake pair.

fake air jordan 11 miami dolphins back

fake air jordan 11 miami dolphins tongue

There you have it folks, with some common sense and caution, anyone should be able to easily avoid these fakes. For more authentication tips, visit our legit check page

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