Don’t Get Got: Taobao Special Fake Off White Air Jordan 1 Are Already Out

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Social media outlets erupted with images of the Off white air jordan 1 in early April; the shoes were birthed out of  a joint work  between Off-White CEO Virgil Abloh and Jordan Brand. Limited releases like these are the perfect targets for the replica factories. Knowing that demand for the sneakers is going to be high, it was only a matter of time until fake pairs appeared. This morning during one of my routine patrol, I came across a few sellers on taobao with replicas. The problem is that the replicas have now evolved and are so close to the original product; so the untrained eye can’t really spot them. And to be honest, even after spending so much time doing comparisons between fakes and authentic shoes, I still have a hard time identifying some of these fakes. Unless you have both the authentic and the  fake pair next to you, it is a nightmare to tell which is real.

Since the shoe hasn’t officially dropped yet, I can’t confidently do a comparison, so what I decided to do was just to show you  pictures of the fakes. Hopefully with a little bit of common sense and sound judgement, you will be able to avoid any sellers with the Fake Off White Air Jordan 1 .

One of the things they usualy don’t do well is the Jordan wings logo so once the shoes officially release , make sure to zero in on that
Also look at the stitching, usually with fakes even the best fakes, stitching tends to be sloppy and uneven
Once again zero in on the stitching
Make sure to check the shape of the shoes from the back ,that’s another thing they don;t do correctly

Another very important thing to check is the pattern of the threads on the outsole; they usually don’t get it right either


I’ll definitely do a thorough comparison once the shoes officially release. You can read more authentication articles on my Legit Check page.

Update: I saw a video on Youtube that does a very decent comparison between the authentic and the Fake Off White Air Jordan 1, see presentation below


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