Concepts x Nike Kyrie 5 Ikhet CI9961-900 |How Many Pairs Made | Market Value

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The Concepts X Nike Kyrie 5 Ikhet officially releases today and I’m sure folks want to get an idea of how many pairs might have possibly been made. The projections I make on the site are meant to give you somewhat of a picture of the actual reality; what I’m trying to say is my calculations are purely based on assumptions I’ve set myself so use the projection only as a guide to make you business decision. So for the Conepts Kyrie 5, from quick scouting via the net, it appears as if Nike, Concepts and Footlocker are the only places where the shoe is going to be available so that narrows down my assumptions to the following:

.Footlocker receives 1/4 of the entire inventory ( meaning Concepts receives 1/4 and Nike gets  1/2)

.Footlocker stores will be given an average of 36 pairs per store

.Footlocker online will receive about 1/3 of the total inventory the stores are allocated.


Based on the Footocker release map above, only an average of 60 stores were given the shoes hence:

FTL stock in stores= 60 x 36=2160 and FTL stock online= 2160/3=720

And Footlocker total inventory based on my assumptions = 2160 + 720=2880 or 3000 pairs

According to my initial assumptions the total inventory for North America will be therefore:

Total= 3000 x 4=12000 pairs


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