‘SOLEcialstudies’ Elevates the Concept of “Sneakerhead” and Verifies The Shift In Kicks

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Source: solecialstudies

I recently posted a series of videos that I labeled “From Sneakerhead to Boss” on my YouTube station. The reason I did this was I felt isolated as one of the few Black owned footwear companies in the US. I felt isolated even more in that I’ve owned two different sneaker companies and I’ve done so working by myself; and both businesses, although successful on a small level, suffered from my lack of help, mentoring and finances. The problem for me was I was doing the work from 2004 to the present so I didn’t have time to network or meet people. I just dug in and produced. This was admirable but ultimately stupid. I did the video series to give people an insight into other opportunities. I will add the videos at the bottom of this post because right now the focus is on a Obsessive Sneaker Disorder and how they are taking their time to teach the next generation about the opportunities out there via a program named SOLEcialstudies:

SOLEcial Studies was established on 2011 by Sean Williams and Dee Wells of OSD (Obsessive Sneaker Disorder). The program was created after a few years of Sean and Dee hosting a weekly podcast (also known as OSD) and then coming to the realization through examining the feedback of fans and listeners that they were actually teaching people about the athletic footwear business. Thanks to some motivation, inspiration, and encouragement from some of their friends in the footwear industry the program was created.

This is exactly what I was hoping to accomplish with the videos below, but when I watch the video above I realize that these are guys that are doing the work and they have a team and they are an example of how you can go from being a collector to actually participating in the culture. You need to take the time to follow these guys and visit their website. The links are below.

This is for the culture, by the culture.


Below is the playlist for my “From Sneakerhead to Boss” video series.