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Kicks @ the Memphis Hustle Media Day Part 1 | NBA G League

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Originally posted on ARCH-USA


Big shout out to Geoff Langham for inviting me out to the Grizzlies G League Memphis Hustle Media Day. It was cool to be given the same consideration as traditional local media outlets from CBS and ABC to 929ESPN at the Fed Ex Forum Practice Facility. This was my first professional media day from the sneaker perspective and the shuffling in and out of players made it a bit difficult to catch up with everyone. I did my best to catch pics and to shoot video (video in part 2).

For coverage of the day you can visit the twitter account of the Memphis Hustle here:

I was able to meet the staff of the Hustle, but today was all about what kicks the players were wearing.

One of the greatest accomplishments for any athlete is the opportunity to play professional basketball. While we are only in the training camp phase for the Hustle and some of these players may end up on another squad or on an international roster each guy should be proud that they were standing in the Grizzlies practice facility wearing the classic Hustle red colors. The culmination of a lifetime of work has placed the guys back at square one, like it’s the first day of tryouts in middle school. Every man is fighting for their professional life so it was probably a relief to have me there throwing softball questions like “What kicks are you rocking for the season?”

The surprising answer from most of the players? Watch the video

In the meantime here is a photo gallery of as many guys as I could catch. (Click to see a larger image.)