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Kendrick Is Los Angeles – Los Angeles Is The Cortez | Kendrick Was Never Reebok | Marketing

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Originally posted on ARCH-USA

I continue to prove my point in discussing marketing as it relates to influencers. When I wrote an article about Saucony recently in regard to their Saucony Originators Only campaign where 10 prominent social media personalities were given a chance to design a limited release pair of kicks by Saucony, I said that it makes sense on the surface. The problem is the people who were given the designs are primarily Nike heads and the majority of their information on their social feeds pertained to the “bigger” brands. I stated that this type of marketing is not what companies need. Especially companies that aren’t in the mainstream.

I extended this conversation to discuss more popular influencers; although I had covered this topic via the following post:

How Marketing Can Be A Slippery Slope | Be Humble

The article above speaks directly to why endorsing an artist vs endorsing an athlete can be complex. Athletes are typically with brands long term. Their advisors and agents understand the power of branding and the importance of loyalty. Artists, musicians, tend to have only a loyalty to their circle and to themselves. They aren’t likely to stick with wearing one brand as they express themselves artistically and when the moment calls for a particular look, they go with that look.

As much as I like Kendrick Lamar, when I saw the “Be Humble” video I said this is not a good look for Reebok. Honestly, Lamar had done very little to deliver sales to the brand even when an item was limited. People wear what they want to wear. In some instances, when an item is limited enough it may inspire a temporary bump for a brand. Overall, brands have to begin working harder to create the connections in marketing that translate to sales. There has to be consistency in presentation.

I mean it’s only so long that a brand can recover from having their primary endorsers rock every brand except theirs. Kendrick is Los Angeles. Los Angeles is the Nike Cortez. The relationship is natural and honestly the person who signed Lamar to the deal with Reebok should have understood this. Kendrick is the face of the Cortez… he already was that even when he was with Reebok.

FYI: This version of the Cortez, the Showstopper, Sold Out on the SNKRS platform. I don’t think that ever happened for a Kendrick Reebok shoe.