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Dude Wins a Championship and All You Do Is Make T-Shirts | The Ongoing Failure of Under Armour

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Originally posted on ARCH-USA


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If I posted the number of articles here where I discuss how Under Armour has failed to generate any interest in their best and most marketable athlete, we would never get to this post. I’m dropping the last article here which went into detail because you have to read that one to understand this one. Confused? Read this:

How Under Armour Has Failed Steph Curry

Kaiser gets it. JBL gets it. Muscle Milk gets it. I can keep going down the list of companies utilizing Steph Curry in ads and marketing campaigns and it only reinforces one thing that I stated in the article above. The sales growth of the Curry line reflects the amount of marketing that has been done for the Curry line.

1 marketing campaign for the Curry 3. #Makethatold


The guy scored 34 last night and was just as much of the reason for the Warriors winning as KD was, but KD got the MVP. Under Armour should have made sure that it looked like Steph won the MVP. Think about how Nike broke the sports world apart in 1984. The US was coming back to the Olympics in Los Angeles with amazing athletes and all the world could talk about was Nike and the amazing advertisements that were everywhere around the city. People thought Nike was sponsoring the Olympics, but the fact was Converse was the sponsor. Nike’s profile grew, they hit a rough patch, but from that moment forward Nike became synonymous with greatness in sports history.

There are moments to cash in on and Steph Curry winning ring 2 is one of those moments, but what has UA done?

  • They rehashed the same 1 video from last year in #makethatold and changed the hashtag to #madethatold. This wasn’t clever, inspirational, or dope. It was the same imagery that didn’t inspire sales of the Curry 3.
  • On social media, they put up headers with the old video. Nothing different or exciting, no montage of the year, no footage of workouts, no narrative of how Steph made that old. Nothing.
  • Some lame ass graphic videos for Stare Down Destiny. No real videos, behind the scenes, promotion of the Curry 3/3Zero that led Steph to the Championship, nothing except a ten second graphic video.
  • Under Armour made some tee shirts. What’s worse is that the tee shirts don’t ship until 6/16/17; slow turnaround time and instead of looking at their recent work, they revert back to the Curry 1 as the Championship shoe. Since we’re discounting how about a code for a discount on all Steph footwear at 34% off at all outlets. Then again City Gear is selling the shoe for buy one for 79.99 get 1 for a dollar, so I guess that’s out of the question. Something needed to be done because there are both Curry 3 and Curry3Zero shoes still in every store around the country, but has there been anything that would inspire people to push into the stores to help clear that inventory? No.

  • They compound the problem with inventory by allowing Steph to debut a new model that looks incredible. Unfortunately they are releasing the shoe for back to school… didn’t we make this mistake last year? Go and read the article above where I explain how they made Steph disappear on a tour of Asia. They have the exact same plan in place for this year’s Curry 4 release. The same damn plan!!!! Meanwhile, for the first time in two years a new Steph shoe showed up and people were asking for it without any memes or dissing, but we are going to wait until the NBA is in the rearview, it’s back to school and kids aren’t buying expensive shoes anymore. Basketball doesn’t start until November and with the cost of school uniforms, parents are buying white and black Air Force 1s and all white adidas Samoas. Buuuuttttt let’s wait to drop a shoe after we tour Asia.

Steph had a double double in a rout of the greatest player in the game. He dropped 34 and 10 assists. These stats don’t show up anywhere. His teammate had a commercial dropped immediately after the game. No one is talking about Steph today. There isn’t a narrative of redemption outside of a stupid hashtag.

5 Billion dollars a year for Under Armour and Steph got a tee shirt and a hashtag… #madethatold