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CLAE’s Autumn 2017 Proves Why Your Grown Man Collection Should Start Here 

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Originally posted on ARCH-USA


Source: CLAE

If the picture above isn’t enough to remind you that CLAE is still dropping beautifully crafted footwear, then stop reading and go check out one of my Nike articles. The brand dropped its Autumn collection last month and I overlooked it. I shouldn’t have and neither should you. This might be the cleanest, most sublime, confident collection of grown man footwear I’ve seen.

While the brand does have pairs in the collection featuring light/white outsoles, the options that maintain a monotone colorway from upper to outsole are capable of truly transitioning from the boardroom to the street seamlessly. My favorite in the collection is the Hoffman above and possibly the Bradley made with cashmere, but it’s the shoe below that always stands out. The Chelsea inspired Richards SP (below) in butterscotch suede is a shoe that tells anyone in the room that you understand the importance of footwear. The shoe also tells the story that “just because I’m no longer spending my days on campus it doesn’t mean that I’ve given up and want to look like my dad or granddad.”

Use the source link above to view the entire collection.