Where To Buy The Women’s Air Jordan 1 Mid UNC & Resale Value

womens air jordan 1 mid unc release date and resale
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Over the years, Nike has released countless colorways of its signature shoes, including the Jordan 1 Mid. While some of these colorways are classic and timeless, others are experimental and trend-setting. No matter what the style, Nike continues to push the envelope with its Jordan 1 Mid designs. From flashy metallic to eye-catching prints, Nike is always looking for ways to stand out from the crowd. The women’s air Jordan 1 Mid UNC is the brand’s latest project and certainly won’t be a dust collector on retailers’ shelves.

The Jordan 1 mid UNC that pays tribute to MJ’s alma mater. The white leather upper is accented by University Blue overlays and Swooshes, and the collar features an Air Jordan Wings logo. The base is completed by a matching Air sole. This sneaker is a must-have for any fan of MJ or UNC. It’s also a great choice for anyone who wants a stylish, versatile sneaker that can be dressed up or down. If you’re looking to grab a pair, refer to the details below

Air Jordan 1 Mid UNC (W) BQ6472 141 Release Date

Where To Buy The Air Jordan 1 Mid UNC

  • Price:$120
  • Release Date: 2022-06-23
  • Style Code:BQ6472-141
  • Color: Sail / Sail / Worn Blue


Nike US



Jordan 1 Mid UNC: Resale Value

Wmns Air Jordan 1 Mid UNC resale Vs Time

The graph above summarizes the average sale price of the shoe since June 17,2022. Prices are in the $150 to $155 range, indicating a positive trend. The highest average is $184 on June 21st, but the day isn’t over yet. This could also be explained by an outlier. Nonetheless, the resale value is increasing over time. Stock numbers will be high, but don’t expect current prices to fall significantly; it’s a popular colorway. Let’s see what the five number summary reveals.

Minimum: 115
Quartile Q1: 144.25
Median: 152
Quartile Q3: 161.75
Maximum: 201

Lowest sale recorded was $115, that is $5 below the MSRP ( for a size 12w). There is a major reason why this shoe is available below retail prior to its official release date, but tackling it now will be opening a can of worms. The highest sale recorded was $201 ( size 8w), keep this size in mind. 25% of the shoes sold for prices from $115 to $144.25, 50% sold for prices between $144.25 and $163, and another 25% sold for prices from $162 to $201. The chart that will follow will show you exactly what sizes fall in which interval.  There were several outliers, one on the low side and the rest on the high side.

Set of outliers: {115, 189, 189, 190, 192, 193, 193, 194, 199, 199, 201}.  Based on these outliers, it is safe to say that most pairs will sell for prices between $140 and $180, leading to margins between $0 and +$37.

Wmns Air Jordan 1 Mid UNC resale Vs size

Based on the chart above, you want to avoid larger sizes i.e 11w, 11.5w and 12w, they lead to losses and very low margins. Sizes 5.5w,10.5w,7w also lead to low returns. The shoe in general doesn’t have an impressive record as far as the earnings are concerned. But as I mentioned earlier, there is one critical factor that is causing this. Certain resellers have had access to them early via unorthodox channels and can get away with selling them at a 25% mark up. But as soon as their inventory is gone, you can expect prices to rise.

This is certainly a shoe you want to invest in for the long term option. Prices will definitely peak at $250 + in about 9 to 13 months. If you have any questions in regard to this shoe, leave it in the comment section below

Air Jordan 1 Mid UNC Review


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