Where To Buy The Nike Dunk Low Next Nature Phantom Gold & Resale Value

nike dunk low next nature phantom gold release date and resale value
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Nike Dunks have long enjoyed a successful stint in the sneaker resale market. However, their latest venture into sustainable fashion with their “Next Nature” collection has been met with less enthusiasm from sneakerheads. I’m only saying this because they haven’t performed extremely well on the secondary market in terms of earnings generated. But that says very little about how well the shoe is selling. If they weren’t dong great, Nike wouldn’t be making additional colorways. Talking about colorways, the latest to hit the market is the Nike Dunk Low Next Nature Phantom Gold.
The first thing you’ll notice about this sneaker is its construction. Unlike other Nike Dunks, this one doesn’t use traditional leather and instead opts for 20 percent recycled materials. Its upper features a mix of white and golden hues while its midsole sports an all-white look. To add to its unique design, “Move to Zero” pinwheel logos appear on the Volt insoles and are complemented by a gold rubber sole. If you’re interested in purchasing a pair, refer to the details below

Where To Buy The Nike Dunk Low Next Nature Phantom Gold

  • Price:$115
  • Release Date: 2023-01-26
  • Style Code:DN1431-001
  • Color: Phantom / White / Volt / Gold Suede



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Resale Value: Dunk Low Next Nature Phantom Gold


nike dunk low phantom gold interest over time

You can clearly see how interest was absolutely dead between January 23 of 2022 to the end of December of 2022. And it suddenly picked up in January and reached an all time high since January 15 with a score of 100/100. That may be due to the fact that the shoe is releasing soon. The ratio between the demand and the available supply on the market is currently 64/104 with the current sellers’ offers exceeding buyers’ offers by 40%. Let’s see if the shoes are selling at all.

Sell Through Rate

The sell through rate is through the roof at 98.7% ( 2.5 times above average). That is great news as people are certainly buying the shoe despite the 40% excess in favor of the supply. How much is it selling for is the next big question.

Current Resale Value

Dunk low Next Nature Phantom Gold Resale Value Vs time

Based on the records above, the average sale price has been consistently between $114 and $119, right around retail. Let’s see what the five number summary reveals

Lowest Sale Recorded: $94 size 5w ( 1/17/23)
Quartile Q1: 109.75
Median: 112
Quartile Q3: 120.25
Highest Sale Recorded: $200 size 14w ( 1/17/23)

As you can see 25% of the shoes sold for prices from $94 to $110, while half of them sold for values between $110 and $120.25. The top 25% sales were between $120.25 and $200 ( and that might be where you want to focus on for any hope of scoring any profits). There was only one outlier, $200 for the size 14w. So to compute the  overall average sale price, we need to remove it. With the outliers, taken out, the average resale value is $114 and even the top 25% sales fall within the $120 to $136 interval.

You’re looking at $18 loss right now if you attempt to resell this shoe. And even if you were to find sizes in the top 25% , you would be incurring a $13 loss or a $2 profit. The only size that might be worth reselling right now is the 14, leaving you with a $60 return. But even with that size, I would be careful because the sales’ count is one for it ( a very weak sample size).


This is definitely a shoe that is on demand but buyers aren’t willing to pay more than retail for it except for the size 14. I wouldn’t recommend reselling it at all if you were a day trader. The shoe has a volatility of 8% so it isn’t like certain sizes may drastically change overnight. This is very good news for buyers as you’ll be able to even score some pairs below retail.

Is It Worth Investing For The Long Term?

I’ll say yes because right around July of 2022, the average sale price was right around $200. So you can expect prices to being to climb within the next 18 months. So if you have capital to invest, I’ll encourage aiming for larger sizes, 11 and above.

images courtesy of Sneakernews 

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