Where To Buy The Nike Dunk Low Coconut Milk & Resale Value

nike dunk low coconut milk release date and resale value
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Another variant of the popular Dunk silhouette is releasing again and that shouldn’t come as a surprise. This time, Nike is going with  a white leather base with sail overlays and swooshes, white nylon tongue, branding, and midsole. They’ve called it the “Nike Dunk Low Coconut Milk”  due to its light hue.

As already mentioned, the shoe features a white leather base with sail overlays and a matching rubber outsole. It is accentuated by white nylon tongues and branding on either side as well as on the midsole. As for aesthetics, it’s worth noting that this particular colorway gives off a clean and minimalistic vibe which makes it perfect to be paired with any outfit. If you plan on grabbing a pair, refer to the details below

Where To Buy The Nike Dunk Low Coconut Milk

  • Price:$110
  • Release Date: 2023-01-26
  • Style Code:DD1503-121
  • Color: White / Sail


Nike US

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Nike Dunk Low Sail: Resale Value


nike dunk low coconut milk interest over time

Interest for the shoe reached its highest score ( close to 100) between May8-14, August 7-13, October 9-15, November 20-26, and December 18-24 of 2022. There other peaks that were right above 50 out of 100. You can see that between January 8 and 14 , the score fell below 50 ( 32/100), indicating that people aren’t quite searching for it at the moment. So we can conclude that the shoe is relatively popular.

The ratio between the demand and the supply on the secondary market is currently 51/83, with the supply exceeding the demand by 63%.

Sell Through Rate

The sell through rate is 98%, which is 2.5 times above average, that’s really good. Even though there is an excess in the supply, the shoe is selling really well. But what are the current prices?

Current Resale Value

Dunk Low Coconut Milk Resale Value Vs time

The chart above gives us a breakdown of the average sale price of the shoe since January 21, 2023. As you can see, the trend is positive with prices increasing by $10.4 a day. That might change when the shoe releases officially. Let’s see what the five number summary reveals.

Lowest sale recorded: $100 ( size 6w)
Quartile Q1: 127
Median: 130
Quartile Q3: 139.5
Highest sale recorded: $188 ( size 12w)

25% of the shoes sold for prices between $100 and $127 ( see next chart for sizes), while half of them sold for values from $127 to $139.5. The remaining 25% sold for prices between $140 and $188. The outliers are as follows : {100, 160, 162, 165, 167, 171, 188}. With the outliers removed from the data, the overall average sale price is $131, with a 7% volatility. So you can expect prices to lie within the $122 to $140 price range. With these values, returns will be either -$8 or +$10. To get a better look at whether this shoe is worth reselling or not, let’s look at the current earnings by size sold.

nike dunk low coconut milk resale value by size

You can clearly see that the only sizes worth reselling are sizes 7w and 12w as they lead to mark ups of 18% and 29% ( above average). I would be very careful about the size 7w as several pairs are now currently available below retail. So the only size that is likely to generate any considerable return is the size 12w.


For day traders, I would only recommend larger sizes ( 10 and above) for resale purposes. This is again good news for buyers at this moment especially for those looking for smaller sizes. You’ll be able to get a pair for retail or under. The shoe does have the potential to grow past 20% to 40% of its MSRP within the next 10 to 15 months, so keep an eye on it if you’re looking for a long term investment option.

Nike Dunk Low Coconut Milk
Nike Dunk Low Coconut Milk

Nike Dunk Low Coconut Milk top view

Nike Dunk Low sail back view

 Dunk Low Coconut Milk outsole

Nike Dunk Low Coconut Milk close up toe

Dunk Low Coconut Milk heel close up

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