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Where To Buy The Nike Dunk High Undercover Chaos Black, Stock Numbers & Resale Value

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The Nike Dunk High Undercover Chaos Black  is set to officially release on February 28, 2022. As far as the backstory of the shoe is concerned, refer to Nike’s Press Release,

Jun Takahashi has designed a new colorway of the Dunk High 1985 model, celebrating the hoops classic in original form as first introduced during UNDERCOVER’s Autumn/Winter 2021 presentation. Genuine black leather takes over the upper while a smooth leather Swoosh accents the texture — all on top of a speckled midsole. Wordmarks paying ode to “Chaos”, “Balance”, “New Life” and “New Noise” motifs on the heel and collar bring a decade’s old classic into Takahashi’s UNDERCOVER universe.


If you’re interested in picking up a pair, see the release details below

Nike Dunk High Undercover Chaos Black Release Information

  • Price:$150
  • Release Date: 2022-02-28
  • Style Code:DQ4121-001
  • Color: Black / White


Nike US, Nike EUR, SNS, BSTN

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Stock Numbers

So far , here is the information I collected, see image below

nike dunk high undercover chaos black

The stock levels reflected above are from Nike SNKRS US. Based on this information and the latest Dunk releases, we can establish the following pattern for the number of pairs per size.

Size 5( 280), size 5.5 (198), size 6 -7 ( 287 per size), size 7.5 -8 ( 540 per size), size 8.5-10.5 ( 860 per size), size 11 ( 560), size 11.5 (280), size 12 (280), size 12.5 (200), size 13 ( 150), size 14 (140).

Total= 8527 let say 8,500 pairs ( I’ll provide more accurate numbers in 48 hours). Since the numbers obtained are only for Nike SNKRS US, we can assume that the total number of pairs produced will be somewhere between 8,500 pairs to 25,000 pairs.

Dunk High Undercover Black Chaos Resale Value

nike dunk high undercover chaos black Resale Vs time

The graph above gives us a breakdown of the average sale price of the shoe since February 23,2022. The resale value went down significantly ( by almost $52) within four days and I’m sure it will go even further down by the time the shoe releases officially. I can already tell you that this wouldn’t be a good investment, but let’s investigate it a bit further.

Minimum: $177
Quartile Q1: $185
Median: $207
Quartile Q3: $250
Maximum: $297

The five number summary reveals that the lowest sale recorded was $177 ( for a size 9.5 on 2/5/22) while the highest sale was $297 ( for a size 7 on 2/23/22). 25% of the shoes sold for prices from $177 to $185 ( 2 size 9.5’s, size 7, size 8,10,10.5 and 14). 50% of the shoes sold for values between $185 and $250 ( size 8.5, 10, 10.5,12 and 5 size 11’s keep that in mind). Another 25% sold for prices from $260 to $297 ( sizes 6.5,7,8.5 and 11). There were no outliers so that’s a good sign. The overall average resale value is $219 leading to a profit margin of +$39. As mentioned earlier, I would not recommend this shoe, but if you insist on flipping them, I’ll suggest you aim for sizes in the top 25%.

There you have it folks.

In other sneaker news, be sure to check out February and March Release Calendar.


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