Where To Buy The Billie Eilish Nike Air Force 1 Mushroom, Stock Numbers & Resale Value

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It’s not just a shoe. It’s a work of art. The Billie Eilish Nike Air Force 1 Mushroom is the perfect collaboration between two creative geniuses. Here’s what Nike had to stay about the inspiration behind this rendition of the classic AF1,

As a young, modern creative, Billie Eilish loves and respects the classics — including sneaker icons like the Air Force 1. For her own Air Force 1, she remixed the classic by choosing environmentally preferred materials. The Nike Grind midsole blends in with the tonal mushroom-colored upper, which itself is made with a synthetic nubuck material made from post-consumer recycled content for a super soft look and feel — all designed with sustainability in mind. Capturing Billie’s signature oversized style, five chunky mid-foot straps — inspired by the Alpha Force Low and Air Trainer 3 — cover the laces, giving the silhouette a unique and bold look.

If you’re interested in purchasing a pair, refer to the release details below.

Billie Eilish Nike Air Force 1 Mushroom Release Information

  • Price:$170
  • Release Date: 2022-04-25
  • Style Code:DM7926-200
  • Color: Mushroom / Mushroom / Mushroom


Nike US, Nike UK, Nike FR, Nike SP, Nike CA, Nike IT, SNS

You may also purchase it on eBay, CLICK HERE


Stock Numbers

billie eilish nike air force 1 mushroom resale stock numbers

The stock numbers appear to be relatively high. We have to come up with a good assumption to figure out the possible number of pairs per size. Based on the past releases, we’ll go with the following,

size 3.5 ( 131 per pair), size 4 ( 200), size 4.5 (271), size 5 (247), size 5.5(329), size 6 (516), size 6.5 (457), size 7 ( 1276), size 7.5 (1176), size 8 (1263), size 8.5(1757), size 9(2226), size 9.5(2305), size 10 (2526), size 10.5(2445), size 11 (2087), size 11.5( 1009), size 12(1686), size 12.5 (200), size 13 (944), size 14( 348), size 15 (175).

Total= 23574, let say 25,000 pairs just for Nike SNKRS (USA). Since the shoe is also dropping on Nike international locations, we can conclude that the total number of pairs produced will fall within the 20,000 pairs to 50,000 pairs interval. I will provide more accurate numbers on Monday.

Resale Value

billie eilish nike air force 1 mushroom resale vs time

The chart above gives you a breakdown of the average sale price of the shoe since April 8,2022. The trend shows a very rapid decline. The shoe lost about $22 per day since 4/8/22 and the current resale value is about $225. Since the projected number of pairs produced is relatively high, we can expect the current average sale price to drop by 5% to 15%. S0 you can expect the resale value to sit within the $190 to $215 interval. Let’s see what the five number summary reveals.

Minimum: 194
Quartile Q1: 216
Median: 240
Quartile Q3: 320
Maximum: 545

The lowest sale recorded was $194 ( for a size 10 on 4/22) while the highest sale was $545 ( for a size 6 on 4/14/22). The size 6 has since drooped down to $296, but that’s still a good size to keep one’s eyes on. 25% of the shoes sold for prices from $194 to $216 ( mainly size 10’s). 50% or the majority sold for prices from $216 to $320 ( sizes 7,7.5, 8,8.5,9,9.5,10.5,11 and 12). And another 25% sold for prices between $320 and $545 ( mostly sizes 6,6.5,11.5 and 13).  There were three outlier (irregular values)

Set of outliers: {479, 488, 545} they correspond to sizes 8,9.5 and 6. Sizes 8, 9.5 have gone down to $288 and $251 respectively but the 6 seems to be still high. The overall average sale price without the outliers is $267, leading to a profit margin of +$63. We agreed that the resale value is likely to go down by 5% to 15% so you can expect your profit margins to be anywhere between +$2 and +$27. 

billie eilish nike air force 1 mushroom resale vs size

These are the current margins, the sizes worth targeting for homeruns are 6,6.5,7 11.5 and 13. As I mentioned earlier, these margins will likely drop and you can expect them to decrease by 10% to 20%. Overall this is a decent investment option as long as you’re aiming for the sizes I already mentioned.

Billie Eilish Air Force 1 Mushroom- Quick Look

Video courtesy of Addictive via Youtube 

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