Where To Buy The Air Jordan 6 Mint Foam & Resale Value

air jordan 6 mint foam release date and resale value
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Sneakerheads all around the world are anticipating the introduction of new and exciting models from all of their favorite brands as the weather begins to warm up. For Jordan lovers, this means anticipating the introduction of the Women’s Exclusive Air Jordan 6 in Mint Foam.

The shoes are all white with mint green accents, making them ideal for adding a bit of springtime flair to your ensemble. Jordan branding is prominently placed on the tongue, lace lock heel, and other areas, allowing you to demonstrate your devotion for this legendary brand with each wear. Plus, the perforations provide great ventilation and  finally, visible air units at the heel provide cushioning and support where you need it most. Whether you’re hitting the court or just taking it easy on the weekend, these sneakers are sure to add some serious flair to your style. If you’re interested in picking up a pair, refer to the details below

Air Jordan 6 Mint Foam Release Information

  • Price:$200
  • Release Date: 2022-03-08
  • Style Code:DQ4914-103
  • Color: White / Pure Platinum / Mint Foam


Nike, Jimmy Jazz, Footlocker, Champs, YCMC, Finishline ( Exclusive Access ), JD Sports ( Exclusive Access), SNS

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Stock Numbers

As far as the number of pairs produced is concerned, the only information I can provide is from the image below. The stock numbers are certainly going to be high based on the information collected.

air jordan 6 mint foam stock numbers
Be sure to check the website tomorrow morning, I’ll provide more accurate details about the number of pairs produced

Now let’s see if the shoe is worth reselling.

Jordan 6 Mint Foam Resale Value

women's air jordan 6 mint foam resale vs time

The chart above gives us a breakdown of the average sale price since February 24,2022. The shoe has  lost  approximately about -$11.5 every day since the 24th and is currently worth about $262. With the projected stock numbers being this high, you can expect the resale value to lose an extra 2% to 10% by March 8, the official release date. Let’s find our five number summary for more insights.

Minimum: 230
Quartile Q1: 259
Median: 273
Quartile Q3: 284
Maximum: 413

The lowest price paid for the sneaker was $230 (on March 7 for a size 10.5), while the highest price paid was $413 (on March 2). You can see how the resale value plummeted dramatically in just five days. 25% of the shoes (mainly sizes 7w, 8.5w, and a few of size 9w’s, a size 10.5w, and a size 12W) went for $230 to $259. For the most part, size 10w’s, 11w’s, and some scattered sizes 7.5w’s,9w’s,11.5w, and a 12w sold for prices ranging from $259 to $284 . Another 25% went for $284 to $413 (and I’m disregarding these transactions because they happened on February 24).There were several outliers Set of outliers: {335, 345, 349, 350, 350, 350, 354, 379, 379, 413}. And all of them correspond to sizes 6.5,7.58,8.5,9.5, and 10.5 that are now selling for prices from $230 to $270.  Without the outliers, the overall resale value is $269 for a profit margin of +$32. I will not recommend this shoe at all, the current margin may drop by 15% to 30% by tomorrow so if you insist on reselling this shoe, you’re taking a risk.

Review + On Feet: Air Jordan 6 Retro Mint Foam

Here is a review and an on feet look at the shoe courtesy of shadeTV


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