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Where To Buy The Air Jordan 13 Navy Brave Blue, Stock Numbers & Resale Value

Air Jordan 13 Navy Brave Blue Release Date, stock numbers and resale
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There’s no denying that the Air Jordan 13 is one of the most popular and iconic sneakers ever released. Today, we’re introducing a brand new colorway that is sure to going to be a hit with fans of the model – the Air Jordan 13 Navy Brave Blue. Its sleek silhouette features a dimpled mesh upper that is crafted from durable and breathable navy fabric, making it the perfect choice for everyday wear. To enhance visibility in low-light conditions, the fabric also incorporates reflective threads that give the shoe a subtle but eye-catching flash.

But the Jordan 13 Navy isn’t just a stylish and functional shoe; it also offers a touch of history. The black nubuck mudguard, padded collar, tumbled leather toebox, and tongue embroidered with University Blue Jumpman are all nods to the classic Air Jordan style upon which this modern iteration is based. With its combination of style, substance, and heritage, the Air Jordan 13 Navy is truly a one-of-a-kind sneaker that projects power and poise in every step. If you’re interested in grabbing a pair, refer to the details below

Air Jordan 13 Navy Brave Blue Release Information

  • Price:$200
  • Release Date: 2022-04-29
  • Style Code:DJ5982-400
  • Color: Navy / Black / White / University Blue


Nike US,   YCMC

Footlocker, Champs, Jimmy Jazz, Dicks, Finishline, JD Sport, Snipes, DTLR

You can also purchase it on eBay, CLICK HERE


Stock Numbers: Air Jordan 13 Brave Blue

air jordan 13 brave blue stock numbers

As you can see, the number of pairs produced per size is really high at the exception of sizes 16,17 and 18.

We’ll go with the following distribution per size based on past records.

  • Nike will receive about 20% of the total inventory
  • The remaining stockists will split the other 75%

Size 7 ( 480), size 7.5 (700), size 8 (2000), size 8.5 (2300), size 9 ( 3100), size 9.5 (3700), size 10 (4100), size 10.5 (4260), size 11 (4400), size 11.5 (2500), size 12 (4100), size 12.5 (400), size 13 (2900), size 14 (960), size 15 (400), size 16 (60), size 17 (12), size 18 (12).

Total projected number of pairs ( SNKRS)= 480+700+2000+2300+3100+3700+4100+4260+4400+2500+4100+400+2900+960+400+60+12+12= 36384 pairs let say 37,000 pairs

We assumed from our assumptions that this number represented 125% of the total inventory, hence

Total projected pairs for the USA= (37,000 ) x 5= 185,000 pairs

I’ll adjust these numbers on Friday once I get access to more data.

The Fake Air Jordan 13 Brave Blue Is Out, Here’s How To Identify It

Jordan 13 Navy Resale Value

air jordan 13 navy brave blue resale value vs time

The chart gives you a breakdown of the average sale price of the shoe since April 26,2022. I’m always interested in the last three days before the actual release date because they give us an accurate picture of how well the product will perform. The resale value is currently $238 and the shoe is showing a positive trend. I don’t think the trend will continue and with the high stock numbers, I’m expecting it to drop by 1% to 5%. Let’s see what the five number Summary reveals

Minimum: 209
Quartile Q1: 226.25
Median: 232.5
Quartile Q3: 239
Maximum: 290

The lowest sale recorded was $209 ( for a size 8), while the highest sale was $290 ( for a size 15). 25% of the shoes sold for prices from $209 to $226.25 ( a couple of size 8’s, 7.5, and mostly size 9.5 and 10) , while the majority ( 50%) sold for prices between $227 and $239( sizes 7, 9, 10.5,11,11.5 12). Another 25% sold for prices from $239 to $290 ( sizes 13, 14 and 15). There were some outliers ( irregular values)

Set of outliers: {263, 263, 264, 264, 274, 290} and they  correspond to sizes  13,14 and 15. Without those outliers the overall average sale price of the shoe is $231 leading to a loss of $2. And even the sizes that are profitable ( that is sizes 13-15 at this point) lead to profit margins between +$27 and +$52.


This isn’t a profitable shoe for the short term investment option so I wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re targeting very large sizes ( 14-17). Even for the long -term option, I  see the shoe peaking at $300 in about two years, and that leaves you with a profit margin of $50 in two years. That doesn’t sound like a smart investment. Once again, this is great news for sneakerheads because thrid party marketplaces’ prices are where they need to be, retail or only slightly above it.

Air Jordan 13 Retro Navy Brave Blue Review + On Foot

Video courtesy of TonyD2Wild via Youtube


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