Where To Buy The Air Jordan 11 Low Pure Violet & Resale Value

Women's Air Jordan 11 Low Pure Violet Release Date And resale
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The Air Jordan 11 Low Pure Violet is the latest colorway to release as part of the  Jordan 11  series. This sneaker features a white mesh upper with Pure Violet accents on the patent leather overlays. The shoe is completed with a translucent outsole that exposes a colorful violet design. If you’re looking for a fresh new sneaker to add to your rotation, this pair might just be it. For purchase purposes, refer to the details below

Air Jordan 11 Low Pure Violet Release Information

  • Price:$190
  • Release Date: 2022-04-28
  • Style Code:AH7860-101
  • Color: White / Pure Violet / White


Footlocker, Nordstrom, DTLR, Finishline, JD sport, Nike EUR

Champs, Nike US,  YCMC

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How To Quickly spot & Identify The Fake Air Jordan 11 Low Pure Violet

Jordan 11 Low Pure Violet Resale Value

Air jordan 11 Low pure violet resale vs time

The chart above gives us a breakdown of the average sale price of the shoe since April 24,2022. The resale value has been decreasing by roughly $4 per day and it is currently $226. Stock numbers are going to be high ( probably between 70,000 and 120,000 pairs). So you can expect the average sale price to drop by 5% to 10% by the time the shoe releases officially. For more insights, let us find the five number summary.

Minimum: 203
Quartile Q1: 228
Median: 231
Quartile Q3: 237
Maximum: 266

The lowest the shoe sold for is $203 ( for a size 6.5w) while the highest sale recorded was $266 (for a size 9w). 25% of the shoes sold for values from $203 to $228 ( sizes 6w,6.5w,7.5w,10w,11w,11.5w). 50% sold for prices from $228 to $237 ( sizes 5.5w, 7w,8w, 8.5w,9w, 9.5w, 10.5w, and 12w). Another 25% sold for prices from $238 to $266 ( mainly sizes 8w and 9w). There were some outliers on the low side and high side.

Set of outliers: {203, 203, 204, 208, 211, 213, 213, 213, 266} corresponding to sizes 6.5w,10w, 9w,6w, 7.5w,9w,8w and 9w. Based on these values we can assume that most pairs will sell for prices between $220 and $245, thus leading to -$1.5 loss and +$22 profit. You definitely don’t want to zero in on this shoe if you’re looking for any sort of profit this week end. But I do think that many pairs will be available for less than retail, which is good news for collectors and long term investors as well. If you can find this pair for 20% below its retail price, I’ll say go for it.


If you’re a low capital investor, this shoe ought to be avoided. If you’re a sneakerhead, you should be happy ( you’ll be able to purchase it below its retail price). For long term investors, don’t pull the trigger on it unless you can find it for 20% under retail. I see it the shoe peaking at $300 within a couple of years, so be very wise in your investment.

Air Jordan 11 Low Pure violet Review + On Feet

Video courtesy of Floatin on Mars via Youtube

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