Where To Buy The Air Jordan 1 Reverse Laney & Resale Value

air jordan 1 reverse laney release date and resale value
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The Jordan 1 is arguably one of the most classic shoe silhouettes of all time. It’s been released in dozens of colorways, from the iconic “Chicago” to the more recent “Bred Toe.” Every year, Nike finds new ways to honor Michael Jordan and his legacy by releasing colorways that pay homage to important moments in his upbringing.  And this time it’s a women’s exclusive colorway that nods to Michael Jordan’s alma mater, Laney High School in Wilmington- the Air Jordan 1 Reverse Laney.

The Air Jordan 1 High 85 Black White aka Panda Is Definitely Worth Reselling

The design elements of the  Jordan 1 Reverse Laney are simple yet eye-catching. The shoe features a Varsity Maize leather base with Royal Blue overlays atop a White midsole and Blue rubber outsole. Additional features include maize laces, red branding on the outside of the tongue, and a classic Wings logo on each heel panel.

For purchase purposes, refer to the details below

Where To Buy The Air Jordan 1 Reverse Laney

Colorway: Varsity Maize/Game Royal-Sail-Black-Fire Red
Style #:FD2596-700
Release Date: February 17, 2023


Nike US

JD Sport, Finishline, Footlocker, DTLR

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Resale Value

Air Jordan 1 Reverse Laney Resale Value By Size

The  chart above gives us a breakdown of the average sale price of the shoe since February 15,2023. Prices went from $203 to $199 within a 24 hour span. Let’s see what the five number summary reveals.

Minimum: 155
Quartile Q1: 180
Median: 189
Quartile Q3: 198
Maximum: 350

The lowest sale recorded was $155 for a size 7.5w while the highest sale was $350 for a size 16.5w ( that’s a man size 15). 25% of the shoes sold for prices between $155 and $180 ( the next chart will show the sizes). 50% of the shoes sold for prices between $180 and $198 ( that’s almost below retail). And 25% sold for prices from $198 to $350. There were several outliers, {232, 248, 300, 300, 325, 332, 350} corresponding to sizes 7w,13w,12.5w,14.5w,14.5w,12.5w and 16.5w. So if we remove these from the data, the overall average resale value is $187, with a 7% volatility. So you can expect about 95% of the shoes to sell for prices between $161 and $213, leading to-$45 loss or a +$3 profit. But the outliers might be worth shooting for, let’s see the current returns by size sold.

air jordan 1 reverse laney earnings by size sold

The findings are quite interesting. As you can see from the chart above, 79% of the sales resulted in significant losses. 7% led to a $35 profit ( size 13w) while the remaining 14% lead to incredible returns ( between $90 and $130). What can we conclude?


For day traders, the only sizes worth targeting are sizes 12.5w,14.5w and 16.5w, basically men’s sizes 11,13 and 15.  The size 12.5w ( size 11) has actually been increasing with time, so it is definitely one you want to keep your eyes on. The size 14.5w has an overall average sale price of $302 with an 11% volatility ( that’s also a good size to target). The bottom line is aim for sizes 12.5w and above if you’re looking to capitalize on this shoe. And this is also a great shoe to invest in for the long term. I’ll highly recommend you get as many sizes as you can and let them sit for at least 18 months and watch the magic happen.

There is good news for buyers, especially those who wear sizes 11w and below. You’ll probably be able to get a pair under retail for the next 3 months, see StockX. But eventually prices are going to being to rise as time progresses, so grab it while you can.

Jordan 1 Reverse Laney: Review

Here’s an in depth breakdown of the shoe courtesy of Jay The SneakerGuy


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