Where To Buy The Air Jordan 1 High Stage Haze & Resale Value

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The Air Jordan 1 High still stands as a classic 30 years after it first released, as it marks the genesis of the Jordan Brand. The Air Jordan 1 High Stage Haze aka “Grey Fog” is a nod to that heritage, with its OG makeups in black and white. The Stage Haze AJ1s feature a premium white leather upper with black toe and grey fog lower heels. A pop of Bleached Coral on the tongue brings a bit of seasonal color into a muted rotation. For purchase purposes, refer to the details below

Air Jordan 1 High Stage Haze Release Information

  • Price:$170
  • Release Date: 2022-05-14
  • Style Code:555088-108
  • Color: White / Black / Grey Fog / Bleached Coral



Jordan 1 High  Grey Fog Resale

Air Jordan 1 Stage Blaze Grey Fog Resale Vs time

The chart above gives us the average sale price of the shoe since May 4, 2022. It started up in the low $300’s and gradually descended to $246. Based on the model above , the shoe lost approximately about $10.4 every day since the 4th of May. Let’s find our five number summary for better insights.

Minimum: 189
Quartile Q1: 222.25
Median: 234
Quartile Q3: 261.75
Maximum: 350

So far the lowest sale recorded was $189 ( for a size 9) , while the highest sale was $350 ( for a size 14). You definitely want to keep those sizes in mind. 25% of the shoes sold for prices between $189 and $222.25 ( mostly sizes 8,8.5, 9 and 9.5). 50% sold for prices between $223 and $262 (mostly sizes 8-10.5). Another 25% sold for prices from $263 to $350 ( sizes 11-14 and some sizes 8,9,10). But the smaller sizes sold within this interval occurred before the 10th of May for the most part. There are some outliers

Set of outliers: {323, 325, 330, 345, 350, 350} corresponding to sizes 9.5,12,9, and 14

Without the outliers, the average resale value is $240, leading to a profit margin of +$38, for a 21% mark up.

There are some interesting things that I’d like to mention about the various sizes. The size 8 went went from $274 down to $220+, and now back up to $253. Size 9 went from $284 to now $201.Size 9.5 went from $283 down to $227. Size 10.5 hasn’t changed much, it is right around $227. The size by far with the best margin is size 14 , selling for $350, leading to a profit margin of +$137.5, for a 75.97% mark up.

Air Jordan 1 Stage Blaze Grey Fog Resale Vs size


You’re not going to lose money if you buy it, but unless you grab certain particular sizes ,especially the size 14, your earnings won’t be impressive. I’ve written another post about better investment option this week, check it out.

Air Jordan 1 High Stage Haze Review + On Foot

Video courtesy of Jason G Kicks on Youtube

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