Where To Buy The Adidas Yeezy 450 Cinder + Resale Value

adidas-Yeezy-450-Cinder-GX9662-Release date and resale
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Looking back at the history of sneakers, it is hard to imagine a time when Adidas and Kanye West weren’t working together. The two powerhouses have teamed up on some of the most iconic sneaker designs in recent memory, and their latest creation – the Adidas Yeezy 450 Cinder – is no exception. Drawing inspiration from classic Adidas models like the Roots Runner and the Boston Super, this new sneaker offers a fresh look that is sure to please both sneakerheads and fashionistas alike.

The  Yeezy 450 Cinder comes in a Grey sock-like Primeknit upper with matching tonal laces and an exoskeleton EVA foam sole. The design is completed with Yeezy and the adidas “globe” emblem branded on the insoles. If you’re interested in grabbing a pair, refer to the purchase details below

Adidas Yeezy 450 Cinder Release Information

  • Price:$210
  • Release Date: 2022-03-24
  • Style Code:GX9662
  • Color: Cinder / Cinder / Cinder


Adidas, BSTN, END, Footshop

You may also purchase it on eBay from our featured sellers, CLICK HERE

Yeezy 450 Cinder Resale

adidas yeezy 450 cinder resale vs size

The chart gives us a breakdown of the average sale price of the shoe by day since March 12, 2022. There seems to be a positive trend with the shoe gaining approximately $1.23 every day. The current resale value is about $289 and I don’t foresee any major decrease comes the official release date. Let’s find our five number summary for additional insights.

Minimum: 245
Quartile Q1: 260
Median: 269
Quartile Q3: 288
Maximum: 350

The lowest sale recorded thus far is $245 ( corresponding sizes 9,9.5 and 12 on 3/15/22). The highest sale was $350 ( corresponding to a size 5.5 and 14 on 3/21/22), you definitely want to keep these sizes in mind. 25% of the shoes sold for prices from $245 to $260 ( a couple of sizes 5,6,10,10.5, several sizes 9 and 11 and a few sizes 12). 50% sold for prices between $260 and $288 ( a mix of several sizes including 5.5,6, 6.5, 7,7.5, 8,8.5 and some sizes 9,9.5,10,10.5 and 12). Another 25% sold for prices from $288 to $350 ( mainly sizes 11.5, 13 and a few sizes 5.5, 12.5 and 14). There were about four outliers ( irregular values) {340, 340, 350, 350} corresponding to sizes 13,11.5, 5.5 and 14. The overall resale value without the outliers is $273, leading to a profit margin of +$25. I wouldn’t call this a good investment but a barely decent one. The only sizes I would recommend are the 13,11.5, 5.5 and 14. They currently lead to the margins between $85 and $95. There are better investment options this week, I wrote about them yesterday, CLICK HERE to read the related post.

Yeezy 450 Cinder Review + On Foot

If you want to see a good review and on foot look at the shoe, I highly recommend the video below courtesy of Elliot Page

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