Travis Scott X Nike Dunk Sb Low |Resale Value & How Many Pairs Possibly Made?

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I woke up this morning with the intention of writing a projection post on the number of pairs of the Travis Scott X Nike SB dunk low possibly made. My initial task was to gather as much data as possible and I took to Google for that purpose. I was surprised to see that even CNN was talking about how the shoe sold out instantly via Travis Scott’s own website on Saturday. You know things are serious when CNN gets involved. Well, every project that the rapper and Nike have dropped this year has been a success so we shouldn’t be surprised at all. Now let’s quickly take a count of the number of stockists that will be allocated an inventory of the shoe.


Skate shops( local & international):in stores only

 Black Sheep, Skatepark of Tampa,FTC JP,AMIGOS,Ben G,,RIOT Skateshop, The Block Skate Supply, Homebase610, Fast Times Skateboarding, Xtreme Boardshop, Lo-Fi, 1991 Skateshop, Familia Skateboard Shop., OklaSkateShop, MiLK STORE, Sparky, Underground Skate Shop, MODA3, Arts-Rec, Brooklyn Projects, PRECINCT SKATE SHOP, Dropouts, Blowout, ORANGE JUNGLE, Sunset Skateshop, Big Air Lab, Olliewood Skateshop,Frisco Shop, SH Store, NOTE shop, Rufus Macba, Rufus Milano, Welcome Skateboard Shop,Compound Boardshop, SoMa, No-Comply Skate Shop,Continuum Skateshop, Lockwood Skateshop,NJLong Island City Kleaners, The Source,Bluetile Skateshop, Post Modern, Venue Skateboards, Skate Supply,Westside Skateshop, Crushed Skate Shop, Galactic G Skateshop, Homebase610, RUKUS103,Ninetimes Skateshop, EXOSHOP, Collection, Cowtown Skateboards, PLA Skateboarding,APB Skateshop,35thNorth,Labor Skateshop, Premier, PLUS Skateboarding, Uprise, Miniramp Skateshop, Maze,Pro Skates, Endless Grind, Apex Board Shop, Orchard Skateshop, Subsect Skateshop, Bunger Sayville, clockwork skateshop, Spin Skate Shop & Park, 510skateshop, FRAME,Civil,Lucre., CCS, TX SPORTS, Sunset Skateshop, Top of the World, Tactics,Seasons Skate Shop,STIL-LADEN,Streetlab,My Favorite Things, Welcome, INSTANT, Jack Ocean Sports, Spotaka Skate Shop

Skate shops ( local & international) online only:

My Favorite Things,Welcome Skateboard Shop,SHRN,Push Skateshop,Lo-Fi,Circle Skateshop,BONKERS Frankfurt,Goodhood,Kinetic Skateshop,Magnolia Skate Shop,U.P.S. Skateshop Sydney,Nocturnal Skateshop,Homebase610,Continuum Skateshop, EMPIRE SHOP,Consortium,Miniramp Skateshop, TX SPORTS, Premier, Vu SkateBoard Shop,humidity, Silo Store,Spotaka Skate Shop,alleyoop skate park shop, INSTANT, Atlas,TRAVIS SCOTT, 

Skate shops ( local & international): In stores & online:

Zeropolis, 242 Shop, Civilist,ARROW & BEAST,WallStreet Skateshop,Lobby Skateshop, Hollywood, Beyond Helsinki, BONKERS Frankfurt

Regular Boutiques:

Extra Butter ( in stores & online), Livestock ( in stores & online) SNS ( in stores & online), Renarts ( online).


The hardest part of this projection might be the assumption, there are about 20-22 sizes available and we’ll assign about 5 pairs per size for a total of 110 pairs per location. Since some places are both releasing the shoe online and in stores we’ll assign twice that number for places that are doing both. I counted about 87 locations that are only releasing the shoe in stores, 26 locations online and 10 that are doing both. We also need to incorporate the regular boutiques, and I counted 3 that are releasing the shoe online & in store and only 1 that will be releasing it online only. I specifically chose not to include Travis Scott’s store because the model that dropped there came with a special box. Now let’s try to run our numbers.


In Stores only( skate shops)= 87 x 110= 9570 pairs

Online ( skate shops)= 26 x110= 2860 pairs

In stores & online ( skate shops)= 10 x 220=2200 pairs

Boutiques ( online & instores)= 3 x 220= 660 pairs

Boutiques (online)= 1 x110 = 110 pairs

Grand Total= 9570+ 2860 + 2200+ 660+ 110=15400 pairs let say 16,000 pairs

This number is purely based on my initial assumptions but I think the actual numbers will fall within the 10,000 to 20,000 interval.

Resale Value:

Travis Scott Nike Dunk SB Low resale value vs time

The highest sales were recorded between the 14th and the 18th of February. The shoe lost about 26.9 % of its original AVG value for the three days that followed ( 19th-21st) then regained some momentum, and increased by 21.79% since the value dropped, which is a good sign. The overall average sale value is about $1090 with the outliers ( irregular values added). The irregular values were:

Set of outliers: {1480, 1512, 1595}

I removed the outliers and recalculated the overall average sale price and came up with a $1084 ( which isn’t such a significant drop). The shoe costs about $150 before tax and roughly $160 after tax. Based on these numbers, folks are looking at a 515% markup for profits in the low $800’s.

Travis Scott Nike Dunk SB Low resale value vs size

Most sizes fall within the $1040-$1100 range which is great. The highest sale recorded was for a size 5.5 at $1300 but every size of this shoe is a Win.

For sales within the [ $1040-$11000] range, markups are about 491.25% to 525% for profits between $786 and $840.

For any sales $1300 and above, markups will be about 639.4% and above, for profits $1023 and above.

Where to Buy The Travis Scott X Nike Dunk Sb Low

You can also purchase the Travis Scott x Nike SB Dunk Low PRM QS on eBay from our featured sellers in the listings below

check out the images below courtesy of SNS

Travis Scott Nike Dunk SB Low Resale Value & How Many Pairs Possibly made Ct5053-001

Travis Scott Nike Dunk SB Low Resale Value & How Many Pairs Possibly made Ct5053-001

Travis Scott Nike Dunk SB Low Resale Value & How Many Pairs Possibly made Ct5053-001

Travis Scott Nike Dunk SB Low Resale Value & How Many Pairs Possibly made Ct5053-001

Travis Scott Nike Dunk SB Low Resale Value & How Many Pairs Possibly made Ct5053-001

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