The Nike Dunk Low Ocean Looks Great And Has A High Resale Value, Here’s Where To Buy It

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There’s something about the ocean that just feels so calming. Maybe it’s the immaculate blue of the water, or the sound of the waves crashing against the shore. Whatever it is, the Women’s Nike Dunk Low Ocean is inspired by all things aquatic. The textured Bright Spruce leather overlays and tongue are meant to represent the currents that flow throughout bodies of water, while the white leather base provides a neutral underlay. The translucent, wavy outsole brings the style together with a cool touch. Whether you’re by the shore or not, this shoe will help you feel like you’re on vacation. If you plan on grabbing a pair of these beauties, refer to the details below

Women's Nike Dunk Low Ocean DV3029 100 Release Date

Where To Buy The Nike Dunk Low Ocean

  • Price:$100
  • Release Date: 2022-05-14
  • Style Code:DV3029-100
  • Color: Summit White / Bright Spruce


Nike UK, FR, ES, DE, CA, IT


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Dunk Low Ocean Resale Value

ike Dunk Low Ocean Resale Vs Time

The chart above gives us a breakdown of the  average sale price of the shoe by day since April 29, 2022. The pattern has been up and down but remains above $200, which is wonderful news. The current resale value is $204 and I don’t expect it to go any further down. Let’s see what our five number summary reveals.

Minimum: 185
Quartile Q1: 203.25
Median: 216.5
Quartile Q3: 246
Maximum: 400

The lowest sale recorded was $185 ( for a size 10.5w on May 4), while the highest sale was $400 ( for a size 11.5w on May 6), that’s great news. 1/4 of the shoes sold for prices from $185 to $203.25 ( 2 size 7w, 5 size 7.5w, 4 size 8w, 3 size 9w, 2 size 9.5w, 2 size 10.5w, 2 size 6.5w). Half of the shoes sold for prices from $203.25 to $246, and another 1/4 sold for prices from $246 to $400 ( a couple of size 10.5w, several size 11.5w, some size 11w, 12w). The resale by size chart will give you a better look at the sizes with the best margins. There were four outliers ( irregular values)

Set of outliers: {318, 323, 370, 400} corresponding to sizes 6w,8w and 2 size 11.5w. The overall average resale value without the outliers is $222, leading to a profit margin of +$96, that is a 90.57% mark up.

Nike Dunk Low Ocean Resale Vs size


This is by far the best investment option of the week. Margins are great and no matter what size you acquire, you’re guaranteed a minimum of $80 in profit.

Introducing The Nike Dunk Low Ocean

Video courtesy of Christopher Cruz on Youtube

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