The Kasina Air Max 1 Won- Ang Collection Looks Incredible & Has A High Resale Value

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Korea’s Kasina has teamed up with Nike to produce a collection of Air Max 1s that are sure to get sneakerheads excited. The Kasina Air Max 1  Won Ang Collection includes one-of-a-kind colors and designs inspired by traditional Korean culture. The set will include two distinct colorways, each with their own backstory. Here’s a quick rundown of both pairs and their release information.

Where To Buy The Kasina Air Max 1 Won- Ang Particle Grey

Kasina x Nike Air Max 1 Won-Ang 'Particle Grey' DQ8475_001 release information

One look at the Kasina AM 1 and you can see the inspiration behind it – the Mandarin duck. In Asian culture, these ducks are a symbol of unity and love, and that’s reflected in the upper of the shoe. It features an embroidered Won-Ang and a graphic of two ducks coming together underneath the translucent outsole. The rich pony hair texture and soft suede give you a feeling of luxury, making every day a special occasion. And exclusive details like the Won-Ang keychain and wooden dubrae let you know it’s your day to shine.

  • Price:$160
  • Release Date: 2022-06-08
  • Style Code:DQ8475-001
  • Color: Particle Grey / Dark Teal Green

Nike UK, FR, DE, IT, CA, ES

Buy it via Kasina, CLICK HERE

You can buy it now on eBay, CLICK HERE

Resale Value

Kasina x Nike Air Max 1 Won-Ang 'Particle Grey' resale value vs time

The chart gives us a breakdown of the average sale price since May 26,2022.  The shoe started at $319 and increased steadily to $529 within a three day span. It has since decreased by roughly $9 every day, and the current resale value is $333. Due to the limited supply, I don’t think the sale price is going to decrease significantly by the time the shoe releases officially. You can expect the average resale value to lie within the $260 to $300 interval. The five number summary will give us more insights.

Minimum: 210
Quartile Q1: 329.5
Median: 370
Quartile Q3: 407
Maximum: 676

The lowest sale recorded was $210 (size 9), while the highest was $676 ( on a size 12).  The size 12 is currently selling for $405, so you definitely want to keep your eyes on it. 25% of the shoes sold for prices from $210 to $330 ( 1 size 8, 2 size 8.5, 3 size 9, 2 size 9.5, 8 size 10). 50% sold for prices between $330 and $407 , now that’s good news for resellers. Another 25% sold for prices from $407 to $676 ( 1 size 6, a size 7, 2 size 7.5, 1 size 9.5, a size 10, 3 size 10.5, 10 size 11, 3 size 12). There were a few outliers

Set of outliers: {210, 524, 575, 619, 676} on the low side it was the size 9 and on the high side sizes 12,11,12 and 12. With the outliers taken away, it is safe to say that most pairs will sell for prices from $320 to $400, leading to profit margins from $121 to $194, for mark ups between 71% and 114%. The chart below will show you the current earnings per size sold.

Kasina x Nike Air Max 1 Won-Ang 'Particle Grey' resale value vs size

Only one pair (6.67 percent) results in a profit of less than $100. 40% of the sales recorded result in earnings between $100 and $150, and the remaining 40% result in profits of $150 or more.


This is going to be a great shoe for resellers this week because the profits are substantial.

Where To Buy The Kasina Air Max 1 Won- Ang Orange

Kasina x Nike Air Max 1 Won-Ang 'Orange'

  • Price:$160
  • Release Date: 2022-06-08
  • Style Code:DQ8475-800
  • Color: Orange / Green / Blue / Off White

Nike UK, FR, DE, IT, ES, CA

Buy it via Kasina, Click Here

You may also purchase it now on eBay, CLICK HERE

Resale Value

Kasina x Nike Air Max 1 Won-Ang orange resale value vs size

The scenario is similar to that of the grey pair. Earnings are extremely high, with no profit falling below $120. Both pairs will undoubtedly be on many botters’ radars this week.. For other investment options, check out our projection page, CLICK HERE.

Official Introduction of The Kasiam Nike Collection

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