Should You Resell The Nike Dunk High I Got Next ? Here’s Where To Buy It

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For many young people, playing basketball is a rite of passage. It’s a way to blow off steam, stay in shape, and bond with friends. And for some lucky few, it can even lead to a professional career. Nike is celebrating memories of the playground with their latest Dunk High, which they’ve dubbed the “I Got Next”.

The sneaker is made of full-grain leather, with a patent leather Swoosh on the lateral side. It’s done up in a blend of light and dark blues, with iridescent details and white laces. The medial Swoosh and midsole are also white, while the lateral ankle has “I Got Next” writing on top of an icy transparent outsole. Whether you’re shooting hoops at your local park or watching the pros take the court, the Nike Dunk High I Got Next is a sneaker that any fan of the game can appreciate. For purchase purposes, refer to the details below

Where To Buy The Nike Dunk High I Got Next

Nike Dunk High I Got Next

  • Price:$125
  • Release Date: 2022-07-01
  • Style Code:DV2130-400
  • Color: Copa / Game Royal / University Blue


Nike US, Footlocker

You can also purchase it on eBay, CLICK HERE


Dunk High I Got Next: Resale Value

Dunk Hi I Got Next Resale Vs Time

The graph above summarizes the average sale price of the sneaker since June 23, 2022. The highest average, $200, was achieved on June 24th. In the three days that followed, the resale value plummeted to $120. On June 28th, however, the average sale price increased to $169. The fluctuations in the prices can be explained by a variety of factors. Maybe the sample size is too small or maybe prices vary according to the sizes. This is why we need to compute the five number summary.

Minimum: 112
Quartile Q1: 121.25
Median: 136
Quartile Q3: 162
Maximum: 200

The sample size was indeed a little small , with only 16 sales recorded. So far the lowest sale recorded was $112 ( size 10), that is 10.4% below the MSRP. The highest sale was $200 ( size 9), recorded on June 24. Another size 9 sold for $168 on the 28th of June ( keep that in mind). 25% of the shoes sold for prices from $112 to $121.25 ( a size 8, 9.5, 10 and 12). 50% sold for prices from $121.15 to $162 ( see chart below for sizes). And another 25% sold for prices from $162 to $200 ( 2 sizes 9, a size 8 and a size 11). There were no outliers and the average sale price is $144, resulting in a $2 loss. But let’s look at the current earnings per size sold to see if the shoe is worth reselling at all.

nike Dunk High I Got Next Resale By Size

75% of the sales led to losses while only 25% resulted in earnings between $10 and $35 ( sizes 9 and 11). What’s the verdict?


Good news for buyers and collectors, you’ll be able to get the shoe for a decent price ( even below retail). For those seeking to resell it, I wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re targeting it for the long term. This is a shoe with the potential to reach the $250 mark in about 24 months. But do you want to wait that long? If you have any further questions about this shoe, leave them in the comment section below

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Nike Dunk High I Got Next DV2130-400 Release Date
Nike Dunk High I Got Next DV2130-400 Release Date
Nike Dunk High I Got Next DV2130-400 Release Date
Nike Dunk High I Got Next DV2130-400 Release Date
Nike Dunk High I Got Next DV2130-400 Release Date

Nike Dunk High I Got Next DV2206-400 Release Date

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