Nike Lebron 7 PE Fairfax Resale Value & How Many Pairs Possibly Made

Nike Lebron 7 PE Fairfax Resale Value and how many pairs possibly made CU5646-001
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The  Nike Lebron 7 PE Fairfax will release on March the 6th,  a day before the Air Jordan 3 UNC. This morning we’ll be talking about the number of pairs possibly made  and the shoe’s current resale value. Let’s  first take a quick count of the major, minor retailers and the boutiques that were allocated an inventory.

.Major Retailers: Footlocker, Hibbett 

.Minor Retailers: Jimmy Jazz, DTLR

.Local Boutiques: Bodega, SNS, Extra Butter, Nicekicks, , Sneaker Politics, 

.International Boutiques: End, BSTN, Afew, Fenom,Sivadescalzo, Footdistrict, Oqium, Offspring, Hanon, NMRL

So far these are the only locations that I can confirm, so let’s set up our assumptions and then run our numbers

footlocker release map lebron 7 pe fairfax

Assumptions & Numbers

We’ll give about ⅓ of the total production to Nike and give:

  1.  ⅓ to Footlocker and the remaining
  2.  ⅓ to Hibbett, Jimmy Jazz and the local USA boutiques ( we’ll not include the international locations just yet)

Based on the Footlocker release locator map, an average of 20 locations will be allocated the Nike Lebron 7 PE Fairfax ( see map) so we’ll also add the following assumptions:

  1. We’ll assign about 120 pairs per FTL store 
  2. We’ll also give the online store a ⅓ of the inventory the physical locations are given

Footlocker ( in stores)= 120 x 20= 2400 pairs

Footlocker online = 2400/3= 800 pairs

Total from FTL= 2400 + 800= 3200 pairs 

Grand total for the USA= 3200 x 3= 9600 pairs let say 10,000 pairs

And if  we take into consideration the international boutiques and stores such as Footlocker UK, we can stretch that number up to 18,000 pairs so I’ll say that the total number of pairs produced worldwide may fall within the [10,000 pairs to 18,000] pairs range. Now let’s do our sneaker resell prediction.

Resale Value Of The Fairfax Lebron 7 PE

Nike Lebron 7 PE Fairfax resale value vs time

The shoe has been trending down since its original average sale value of $316 ( it lost about 25.32% of its original resale value in about 8 days).  I’m projecting that by the time the Fairfax Lebron 7 officially drops, the value will drop down by another 5%. So we can expect the shoe to have a secondary market value between $215 and $220. I wouldn’t recommend purchasing it for resale purposes. The retail price is about $200 before tax and roughly $215 after tax.  This will yield to a negative markup ( about -7%) so unless you’re a retailer, you will not be any significant profit on this shoe. I do think they will sell out via retail but given the current sales’ data, this isn’t a shoe that I will encourage you to buy and sell.

There you have it folks.

Release Information & Where To Buy

Nike Lebron 7 PE Fairfax

style#CU5646-001, $200, Black / Varsity Red / Varsity Maize, March 6

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Nike lebron 7 pe fairfax quarter panel view

forefoot picture of lebron 7 fairfax

medial quarter panel view

outsole view

lateral view lebron 7 fairfax

lebron 7 fairfax lateral side

img via sneaker politics

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