Nike Lebron 7 All Star CU5646-400 | How Many Pairs Possibly Made & Resale Value

Nike Lebron 7 All Star CU5646-400 How Many Pairs Possibly Made & Resale Value

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The Nike Lebron 7 All star will officially release on February the 7th with a $200 retail price. I didn’t get a chance to see if this number was consistent with the changes in the inflation but I’m confident that the shoe shouldn’t have been priced between $180 and $190. It originally released during the 2010 All Star Game and feature an all blue synthetic upper. Nike has already reintroduced several of the Lebron 7 silhouettes so it was fitting for the brand to bring this iteration back. Today we’ll try to come up with a plausible estimate of the number of pairs that could’ve been made. Let’s take quick count of the stockists allocated.

We already know that Nike is going to carry it, we just need to get a good estimate of the other stores allocated.

 Local retailers/stores/boutiques: Hibbett, Jimmy Jazz, Extra Butter

International locations: Atmos, END, Footdistrict, Foot Patrol, BSTN, Fenom, Wellgosh

So far these are the only places I couldn’t confirm but i’m suspecting that Footlocker ( at least all the HOH locations) will carry the Nike Lebron 7 all Star as well. Now let’s move on to figuring out our assumptions.


We’ll assume that Nike will keep about ½ of the inventory and we’ll attribute about ¼ to Hibbet, and the remaining stores will also get about ¼ of the total production.

Other assumptions:

-Hibbett has a total of 1082 we’ll assume that 1/10 of the stores will be allocated , in other words about 108 stores.

-We’ll assume that each store will receive about 18 pairs 

-The online shop will also receive about ⅓ of the inventory the physical locations are getting

Hibbett ( in store)= 108 x 18= 1944 pairs

Hibbett( online)= 1944/3=648 pairs

Total from Hibbett=2592 let say 2600 pairs and i’m assuming that the rest of the stores will collectively receive 2600 pairs as well.

Nike’s total based on these assumptions= (2600 x 2)=5200 pairs

And the Grand Total= 10,400 pairs but I’ll stretch it to 18,000 pairs or 20k especially if I’m suspecting that Footlocker might surprise us in days to come.

Resale Value

eBay has no sales’s records for the 2020 edition

nike lebron 7 all star resale value eBay data

StockX reports no sales at all on this model as well,

nike lebron 7 all star resale value stockx data

As limited as this model is, it isn’t coveted. Folks aren’t willing to pay above retail for this model. And that also explains why Nike isn’t going to flood the market. I’m suspecting that average prices for the Nike Lebron 7 All Star will be similar to the lebron 7 Christmas ( 2019 edition). Let’s check the current numbers on that model.

nike lebron 7 all star resale value

We can expect the same results for the Lebron 7 All Star. I’m assuming that within the next 3 months, the shoe will lose about 15% to 20% of its retail value and stagnates at $160.

My conclusion: do not buy this for resale purposes.


Nike Lebron 7 All Star

Style#CU5646-400, $200

Nike Lebron 7 All Star CU5646-400

Nike Lebron 7 All Star CU5646-400

Nike Lebron 7 All Star CU5646-400

Nike Lebron 7 All Star CU5646-400

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