Nike Dunk Low Next Nature White Mint: A Step Towards Sustainability With A Good Resale Value

nike dunk low next nature white mint release date and resale value
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It’s no secret that Nike has been a major player in the sneaker game for decades. From its iconic Air Jordan series to its ever-evolving Dunk silhouette, the brand continues to release fresh designs and reinterpret classic styles. This time around, Nike is tapping into its eco-friendly initiatives with the latest iteration of their Dunk low silhouette—the Nike Dunk Low Next Nature “White Mint.” Let’s take a closer look at this new sneaker and find out what makes it so special.

This new design features a full leather construction with white and mint green color blocking for a clean, minimalist aesthetic. You’ll also find Nike’s “Move to Zero” pinwheel logos on the Volt insoles. To complete the design, there’s a white midsole atop a red grind rubber sole that provides superior traction and flexibility.

The Eco-Friendly Factor

What really sets this sneaker apart from other designs is its commitment to sustainability. The shoe consists of 20% recycled materials, demonstrating Nike’s dedication to creating more sustainable products that don’t sacrifice style or performance. As part of the brand’s initiative towards zero waste production and carbon emissions, Nike will continue to introduce eco-friendly materials into their shoes moving forward.

Style Meets Sustainability

The best part about this sneaker is that it doesn’t compromise when it comes to fashion or sustainability. It showcases all of the signature elements of the classic Dunk silhouette while offering an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional leather sneakers. Its simple yet stylish design allows it to easily be paired with any outfit, making it perfect for everyday wear. Plus, its lightweight construction gives you superior comfort without weighing your feet down throughout the day.

If you’re planning on grabbing a pair, refer to the details below

Where To Buy The Nike Dunk Low Next Nature White Mint

  • Price: $105
  • Release Date: 2022-12-08
  • Style Code: DN1431-102
  • Color: White / Barely Green / White Mint


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Dunk Low Next Nature White Mint: Resale Value

Nike Dunk Low Next Nature White Mint Resale Value VS Time


The chart gives us a breakdown of the average sale price of the shoe since December 7, 2022. The resale value went from $156 to $160 within a 24 hour period according to records, thus gaining $4 ( a positive rate of change). Let’s find our five number summary for further details

Lowest Sale : $126 ( size 5w)
Quartile Q1: 139.5
Median: 156.5
Quartile Q3: 168.5
Highest Sale: $203 (size 11w)

25% of the sales are sitting within the $126 to $140 interval, while 50% ( the majority) lie within the $140 to $169 price range. The highest sales make about 25% of the data and are from $169 to $203. Another chart will show you exactly what sizes fall in each category. There was no outlier, which means that the price distribution is normal and the overall average resale value is $157 with a 12% volatility ( below normal). Prices aren’t likely to change drastically even when the shoe releases officially.

At $157, you’re looking at $32 profit margin , a 29% mark up ( 2 times above average), that’s a good score, which means this shoe is definitely worth reselling.

Dunk Low Next Nature White Mint Resale Value By Size

The chart above tells us exactly what sizes to aim for to maximize your earnings. How will the price change as time progresses. This is for those interested in investing in it for the long term. You may use the equation below to project the price

Resale Value= $0.0756 * t + $155 ( t is the time elapsed since December 7)

So based on the model above, by December 7, 2023, the shoe will be worth about

Price= $0.0756 ( 365) + $155=$ 182.594 let say $183 in average. This means that the sizes that are actually worth more than this projected average now will even have a higher value. The Dunk Low Next Nature White Mint is certainly a good shoe to resell now and a good investment option as well.

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Nike Dunk Low Next Nature White Mint DN1431-102 Release Date

Nike Dunk Low Next Nature White Mint DN1431-102 Release Date

Nike Dunk Low Next Nature White Mint DN1431-102 Release Date
Nike Dunk Low Next Nature White Mint DN1431-102 Release Date

Nike Dunk Low Next Nature White Mint DN1431-102 Release Date

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