New Balance 550 Marquette: A Worthy Addition to the Lineup

new balance 550 Marquette release date and resale value
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Just when you thought they couldn’t improve on perfection, New Balance comes through with another home run. The sneaker world is abuzz with the release of the New Balance 550 Marquette, and rightfully so.

As with all of their shoes, New Balance does not skimp on materials or craftsmanship with the 550 Marquette. The upper consists of a mix of mesh and premium leather, giving the shoe both breathability and structure. The signature “550” branding is present on the lateral side of the shoe, while the “N” logo can be seen on the medial side. A two-tone rubber outsole rounds out the design and provides both comfort and traction.

The colorway on this shoe is what really sets it apart from other offerings in the 550 line. The university of Marquette colors are perfectly represented in this shoe, and it is sure to be a hit with alumni and fans alike. The mix of blue, gold, and white gives this shoe a regal look that is eye-catching.

The Fit
One of the first things you’ll notice about the New Balance 550  is the fit. The sneaker runs true to size and is very comfortable. The mesh upper provides breathability and the leather overlays add structure and support. The sneaker hugs your foot nicely and feels very secure. You can wear this sneaker all day without any issue.

The Price Point
Another great thing about the NB 550 Marquette is the price point. The sneaker retails for $110, which is very reasonable for a high-quality sneaker like this one. You’re getting a lot of bang for your buck.

Where To Buy The New Balance 550 Marquette

  • Price:$110
  • Release Date: 2022-10-01
  • Style Code:BB550NCF
  • Color: White / University Blue / Yellow




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New Balance 550 Marquette: Resale Value

No sales have been recorded just yet but that shouldn’t prevent us from making any projection on the possible resale value value of the shoe. Let’s take a look at what sellers are currently asking for it first.

Nb 550 Marquette Sellers' Asking Prices By Size

Based on the data collected above, the average seller’s asking price is about $210. Now let’s see what buyers are willing to pay for it.

NB550 Marquette Buyers' Offers By Size

I left out some of the offers because they were utterly ridiculous ( lower than $50). The average buyer’s offer is about $109, about $1 below the MSRP. To come up with a projection for the resale value, we’ll compute the average between sellers and buyers.

Resale Value Projected= ($210 + $109)/2= $159. 5 let say $160.

At $160, you’re looking at a profit margin of roughly $20, that is 17% mark up ( slightly above average). Based on the numbers, the NB 550 Marquette is a decent shoe to resell, but the current offers are not substantial enough for me to encourage you to do so.

New Balance 550 Marquette Release Date
New Balance 550 Marquette Release Date

New Balance 550 Marquette Release Date

New Balance 550 Marquette Release Date

New Balance 550 Marquette Release Date

New Balance 550 Marquette Release Date

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