J Balvin X Air Jordan 1 DC3481-900 | How Many Pairs Possibly Made & Resell?

J Balvin X Air Jordan 1 DC3481-900 | How Many Pairs Possibly Made & Resell?
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The J Balvin X Air Jordan 1 will officially release on December the 8th and retails for $260. The shoe made its initial appearance during the Super bowl 54 half time show, as it was showcased by Colombian artist J Balvin. The shoe features a myriad of colors reminiscent of a rainbow with striking graphics including the including Balvin’s signature smiley face on the outside of the tongue, the heel  and the insoles. Today we’ll try to figure out how many pairs were possibly made and also check the shoe’s current third party marketplace’s value. First let’s get a count of the stockists that were allocated an inventory beside Nike.


A Ma Maniere; Bait Inc; Bodega; Bows and Arrows; Concepts; Corporate; Crème; Extra Butter; Feature LLC; Foot Locker; Hirshleifers; Kith; Lapstone & Hammer; Notre; Oneness; Politics; RSVP LLC; Shoe Gallery; Social Status; Sole Fly; St Alfreds; SVRN; The Dark Side Initiative LLC; Trophy Room; UBIQ; Undefeated INC; Wish; XHIBITION ( 27 boutiques and footlocker)

Amongst Few; Bastille; Bottega Back Door; BSTN; Concepts; Doverstreet Market; End Clothing; Foot District; Foot Patrol; Kickz; Kith; Offspring Selfridges; One Block Down; Opium; Oquim; Overkill; Patta; Pigalle; Shinzo; Si Vas Descalzo; Slam Jam; Sneakerhead; Sneakers N Stuff; Solebox; Titolo; Wunder ( 26 boutiques)

House of Innovation Shanghai; Jordan Qingdao 

1 East Changan; 1 Hongxing; 108 Zhongshanxi; 120 Bayiqi; 128 Zhongjie; 139 Nandong; 188 Jiefangxi; 188 Minzu; 2 Zhongshannan; 218 Tianhe; 5 Xinghuo; 5 Yanan; 6 Nanmenwai; 688 Jiefang; 77 Songhu; 9 Guanghua; 9668 Shennan; 99 Hubindong; Colour TJ; Fruition; HER; HK 8 Wellington; Juice HK; Phantaci TPE; PS7; SKP-S BJ; Soulgoods SH; TPE 16 Songgao; WZK BJ; WZK SH; X158; XH55 (32 locations)

Jordan Korea; Jordan Philippines; Tokyo23

99 Problems; Atmos Pinnacle; Innvictus Madero; Kith; Latin Partners TTL; Lust; Supply; Titan (8 locations)

The hardest part would be setting up the assumptions, let’s try to with the following:

  1. Nike ( Jordan stores included) will acquire 30% of the inventory
  2. Footlocker will acquire 30% as well
  3. And all the stockists will split the remaining 40%
  4. Each boutique will be given between 120 and 180 pairs ( let say 150)

Now let’s run our numbers

Boutiques, Retailers allocation ( Footlocker not included)= ( 27+26+32+8) x 150= 13,950 pairs let say 14,000 pairs

Since this number represents about 40% of the inventory based on our assumptions then

the Total produced= (14,000)+ (14000)+ (7000)= 35,000 pairs

So it’s safe to say that the overall production will not exceed 50,000 pairs so 35,000 pairs < Total Number of pairs made < 50,000 pairs

PS: As you all know, I always have to add this disclaimer because every single projection that I make is purely based on assumptions that I have set. It is meant to give you an idea of what to expect, I don’t work any of these brands/retailers I mentioned and have no access to their numbers. I’m only using what is available to create plausible assumptions.

Now let’s talk about the J Balvin X Air jordan 1 resale value


J Balvin X Air Jordan 1 Resale Value VS Time

The chart above gives you a breakdown of the average resale value of the shoe per day since November the 12th. You can clearly see that the shoe will certainly yield to homeruns as far as profit is concerned. The value dropped within the last couple of days by more than $100 but that doesn’t mean much. We can definitely say that the resale value will fall within the ($900-$1000) range. Let’s look at the resale value by size.

J Balvin X Air Jordan 1 Resale Value VS Size

I highlighted the sizes with the highest returns in gold and sizes 6.5, 11.5 and 14 fall in that category. Frankly every size is good and you can clearly see that on the chart. Since we considered that the shoe will resell for values between $900 and $1000, folks can expect their profit margins to fall within the ($540-$630) for mark ups within the (196%-230%). The verdict on this shoe is very clear.

Product Information/ Where To Buy It Now

Air Jordan 1 X J Balvin

  • Textile Uppers
  • Leather Details
  • Air Cushioning
  • Rubber Outsole
  • Style Code: DC3481-900
  • MSRP:$260

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