How Many Pairs Of the Air Jordan 5 Fire Red Could Be Possibly Made & Resale Value

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The Air Jordan 5 Fire Red is making another return not many days from today. The shoe was originally introduced 1990 and is coming back in its OG form according to Nike, see excerpt below

MJ rocked this exact makeup on March 28, 1990, as an ascendant squad from Chicago battled Cleveland, eventually winning in overtime behind a career-high 69 points from His Airness.

The shoe features a white leather upper with contrasting black on the midsole and fire red accents on the lining, lace locks and heel. Today, we’ll be talking about how many pairs of the Jordan 5 fire red could’ve been possibly made. We already know that the shoes will be available via all major & minor retailers ,  we’ll lean on the assumptions below


We already know that major chains such as Footlocker & its derivatives will probably get a significant amount of the entire inventory. There are close to a 1000 FTL stores, 272 FTA stores and 547 Champs stores. So let’s set up the assumptions as if this was an in-store and online release.

  1. Nike will acquire  1/3 of the production, Footlocker,  Footaction, Champs & Eastbay will also receive 1/3 , Finishline, Hibbett, Dick’s and all the minor retailers will receive the remaining 1/3
  2. We’ll assign an average of 36 pairs per FTL store,12 per FTA store & 12 per Champs; and  we’ll give the online stores about 1/3 of the total the physical stores are given.
  1. We’ll also assign an extra ⅓ to Eastbay from the combined online allocations from FTL, FTA and Champs

Running The Numbers:

Footlocker’s physical store numbers based on our assumptions: 36 x 1000=36000 pairs

Footaction’s numbers ( physical sores): 272 x 12=3264 pairs

Champs numbers ( physical stores): 547x 12=6564 pairs

Total from the three entities=45828 pairs

Extras (  45828 x ⅓)=15276 pairs

Eastbay=15276/3= 5092 pairs

Total from FTL & Family=36000 + 3264 + 6564 +15276 +5092=66196 pairs

Grand total for North America= 66196 x 3=198588 let say 200,000 pairs

We can double that number if we consider the rest of the world and end up with a total number of pairs

200,000 pairs < total Production< 400,000 pairs

PS: As you all know, I always have to add this disclaimer because every single projection that I make is purely based on assumptions that I have set. It is meant to give you an idea of what to expect, I don’t work any of these brands/retailers I mentioned and have no access to their numbers. I’m only using what is available to create plausible assumptions.

What About The Resale Value Of The Air Jordan 5 Fire Red?

air jordan 5 fire red resale value vs time
Average resale value per Day.

The distribution is normal and with no apparent outliers; the average value of the shoe is in the low $270’s and we can expect it to drop by 5% upon release date, so i’ll estimate it to be about $260 by Saturday. So we can expect this shoe to fall within the $240 < resale value < $260. We can take a look at the price distribution by size.

air jordan 5 fire red resale value vs size

You can clearly see that sizes that yield to the highest revenues are 11.5,12,13 and 14 with prices ranging from $285 to $305. The other sizes yield to revenues in the low $270’s. Based on this information, let’s try to come up with the margins. The Jordan 5 Fire Red costs about $200 before tax and roughly $215 after tax. Ebay will yield to the best margins since selling fees have been done away with.

Selling on eBay margins:

For sizes ( 11.5,12,13 and 14) , folks are looking at profits ranging from $55 to $70 ( that is a 24% to 32.6%) which isn’t bad at all.

For all the other sizes, profits will range from $30 to $40 ( that is a 13.04% to 17.39%).

On any other platform, you can take these margins and deduct the selling fees and compute the numbers again. I’m saying all this to say that the best place to sell this shoe and make some decent profit is eBay.

There you have it folks.

Where To Buy The Fire Red 5’s 

You can purchase the shoe now on eBay from our featured sellers in the listings below


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