Don’t Try To Resell The Pharrell Adidas NMD Hu Animal Print, Good News For Buyers

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Not too long ago, the Pharrell  adidas NMD Hu was one of the hottest sneakers on the market. Retailers couldn’t keep them in stock and sneakerheads were practically fighting each other to get their hands on a pair. But time has moved on and new sneakers have taken the spotlight. That doesn’t mean that the Pharrell NMD  is any less incredible though. Adidas continues to release amazing colorways of the silhouette and the latest, the Pharrell x adidas NMD Hu ‘Animal Print,’ is certainly one to reckon with.

The shoe features an orange knitted upper with bold leopard print with hits of black and pink. Additional details include the mid section caging and the boost midsole for maximum cushioning. If you plan grabbing a pair, refer to the details below

Pharrell Adidas NMD Hu Animal Print Release Information

  • Price:$220
  • Release Date: 2022-06-25
  • Style Code:GZ4439
  • Color: Focus Orange / Core Black / Screaming Green


Adidas US, UK, FR

Pharrell NMD Animal Print: Resale Value

So far, only two sales of the shoes were recorded, one for a size 10, and another for a size 11.5, and they both sold for $280. Because the sample size is too small, establishing a credible projection for the resale value would be difficult. So the best way to proceed would be to first determine what sellers are asking for the shoe, and then determine what buyers are willing to pay for it. We’ll then average the two to determine our average sale price.

Sellers’ Asking Price

Pharrell NMD Hu Animal Sellers Asking Prices

The chart above gives you a breakdown of the current asking prices per size. Based on the data, the average asking price is $362. Now let’s see what most buyers are willing to pay for the shoe.

Buyers’ Offers

Pharrell NMD Hu Animal Print Buyers Offers

From the graph above, we can clearly see that the buyers are not being reasonable. The shoe’s MSRP is $220, and the best offer is $150, or 32% off the retail price. That is completely absurd, and marketplaces should definitely set a threshold to avoid situations like this. So how can we project what the shoe will sell for. We’ll assume that sellers aren’t willing to lose money and set up our minimum offer at $255. So our average sale price will be : ($255+ $362)/2= $308.5

I’m being very generous with this projected resale value of $308.5. The two sales recorded were $280 each resulting in a +$22 profit. So I wouldn’t recommend reselling the shoe at all. But more importantly, there are more sellers than buyers, the ratio is 59 to 15. That means that people aren’t really interested in the shoe, so I really wonder if they will sell out at all. We’ll see.

Quick Look At The Pharrell  NMD Hu Animal Print

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