Don’t Try To Resell The Air Jordan 14 Laney, More Great News For Buyers

air jordan 14 laney release date and resale value
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Michael Jordan, the ultimate basketball icon, not only captivated fans with his dominance on the court but also his iconic sneakers. His legacy continues to thrive as Jordan Brand keeps recycling his pre-NBA career, with the recent launch of the Air Jordan 14 Laney mid version. The shoe pays homage to MJ’s high school, Wilmington, North Carolina, and features a Varsity Royal, Black, Varsity Maize, and White color scheme, similar to the Laney low-top.

The shoe is dressed in a Varsity Royal, Black, Varsity Maize, and White color scheme, mirroring Laney High School colors. Like the low-top version, it features a premium nubuck and suede upper, with yellow accents and a white foam midsole. The signature Jumpman logo can be seen on the throat line.

Styling the Jordan 14 Laney is easy due to the simple color scheme. The Varsity Maize accents pop against the Black and Royal Blue upper. The shoe can be styled with a Black or Royal Blue hoodie, with joggers or jeans. It can be worn with a simple t-shirt and jeans for a clean and classic look.

Another way to style it is to pair it with earth tones. The shoe’s Varsity Maize color is similar to autumn leaves, making it a great option for the season. This color scheme can be complemented by olive or khaki pants and a Brown or Tan jacket. The possibilities are limitless, if you’re interested in picking up a pair, see the details below.

Where To Buy The Air Jordan 14 Laney

  • Price:$210
  • Release Date: 2023-05-27
  • Style Code:487471-407
  • Color: Varsity Royal / Black/ Varsity Maize / White


Nike US, Snipes, DTLR, JD Sports, Finishline

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Now lets’ investigate how the shoe is performing on third party marketplaces.

Resale Value: Jordan 14 Laney

Air Jordan 14 Laney Resale Value VS Time

The average sale price of the shoe went from $236 on the 24th of May down to $230 the very next day, thus going down by $6. We also need to find our five number summary for further details. I can already tell you that this isn’t going to be a good shoe to resell.

Minimum: 219
Quartile Q1: 228
Median: 235
Quartile Q3: 248.5
Maximum: 258

The lowest sale recorded was $219 for a men’s size 9 while the highest sale was $258 for a size 12. About 1/4 of the shoes sold between $219 and $228 while 50% sold between $228 and$249. The highest sales made up about 25% of the shoes and were between $249 and $258. There were no outliers and the overall average resale value was $237 with a 5% volatility. You can expect about 95% of the shoes to sell between $217 and $257.

At $237, you’re looking at a $7 loss, so if you’re a Day Trader, this isn’t a shoe you want to bank on. The low volatility does show that prices won’t change significantly but resale is pretty much dead on this shoe. Buyers are willing to pay slightly above the MSRP, so retailers are going to definitely sell out of the shoe within a few weeks. Even the highest size sold, size 12 at $258 led to a +$9 profit margin, a 4% mark up ( 3 times below average).

If you were planning on reselling the Jordan 14 Laney, hopefully I’ve given you plenty of reasons to abandon that idea. A good shoe to consider reselling is the Nike Ja 1 Hunger, check out my evaluation of its resale value.

Air Jordan 14 Laney 487471-407

Air Jordan 14 Laney 487471-407

Air Jordan 14 Laney

Air Jordan 14 Laney

Air Jordan 14 Laney

Air Jordan 14 Laney

Air Jordan 14 Laney

Air Jordan 14 Laney



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