Don’t Try To Resell The Air Jordan 11 Low Cement Grey, Great News For Buyers

air jordan 11 low cement grey release date and resale value
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The Air Jordan 11 Low Cement Grey pays homage to the first wave of low-top releases from 2001. The sneaker features a timeless two-tone color blocking design with a patent leather mudguard donning the titular “Cement Grey” tone. The inner lining and branding hits throughout the upper also feature the muted tone, while outsoles opt for an icy blue makeup that aims to combat any “yellowing” that may occur over time. This classic style is inspired by the tuxedo-inspired design of earlier pairs. If you plan on picking up a pair, refer to the details below

Where To Buy The Air Jordan 11 Low Cement Grey

  • Price:$190
  • Release Date: 2023-04-01
  • Style Code:AV2187-140
  • Color: White / University Blue / Cement Grey


Nike US, Footlocker, DTLR, Finishline, JD Sports

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Resale Value

Air Jordan 11 Low Cement Grey Resale Value VS Time

The records above give us a summary of the average sale price of the shoe since the 27th of March. As you can see prices went from $211 to $203 within a 24 hour period. We’ll need to find our five number summary for further details.

Minimum: 188
Quartile Q1: 203
Median: 208
Quartile Q3: 211
Maximum: 233

The lowest sale recorded was $188, corresponding to a size 11.5 ( and that is already below the suggested retail price). The highest sale was $233 for a size 13, and that only leads to a +$11 profit ( a 5.5 % mark up, that’s three times below average). 25%of the sales were between $288 and $203, while 50% were from $203 to $211 and the top 25% sales were between $211 and $233. There were three outliers, $188, $231 and $233 corresponding to sizes 11.5, 13 and 13. With these removed, the overall average resale value is $206, with a 3% volatility. You can expect about 95% of the shoes to sell between $194 and $218 leading to losses between -$24 and -$3. This is certainly a shoe you don’t want to buy for resale purposes. Let’s see the current returns by size sold.

Jordan 11 Low Cement Grey: Earnings / Losses By Size Sold

air jordan 11 low cement grey earnings losses by size sold

As you can see from the records above, every single pair sold led to a loss , and the only size that generated a profit, was the size 13 with a gain of $1, that is even comical. There is no doubt that the shoe is on demand, but consumers aren’t willing to pay more than 3% over retail for them. If you’re a Day Trader, you don’t need me to tell you that this isn’t a shoe you want to consider. Unless you’re getting them from the Nike Employee Store ( where they are being sold for up to 50% below the MSRP), I would not recommend reselling the Jordan 11 Low Cement Grey.

This is however fantastic news for buyers, I’ll encourage you to even wait until the shoe releases officially, you might even grab a pair for 5% to 10% below its retail price.

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