Don’t Try To Resell The Air Jordan 1 KO Low Shadow

air jordan 1 KO Low Shadow release date and resale value
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The moment you lay your eyes on the Air Jordan 1 KO Low Shadow, you are instantly reminded of the iconic Jordan 1 High Shadow, and this is precisely what Jordan Brand aimed for. They successfully managed to evoke a sense of nostalgia while presenting a fresh and captivating take on a classic silhouette. This marketing strategy is undoubtedly one of the reasons why they continue to dominate the sneaker industry time and time again.

Sporting a Black, Sail, and Medium Grey color scheme, the Air Jordan 1 KO Low Shadow is a testament to Jordan Brand’s attention to detail and dedication to preserving the legacy of the original “Shadow” release. The shoe’s construction includes:

  • A full Black and Grey canvas base
  • Grey suede Swooshes
  • Leather heel overlay
  • Black nylon tongues
  • Sizing stamped on the inner lining
  • Black Wings embroidery on the heels

These elements come together to create a sleek and sophisticated look that can effortlessly accentuate a wide range of outfits.

Personal Impressions

Upon first glance, the shoe made a very rapid impact on me. Its stylish design, conservative colors, and connection to a beloved classic make it an solid addition to any your collection. However, I must admit that I am not the biggest fan of low-top sneakers. Despite this preference, I can recognize and appreciate the impressive level of craftsmanship and thought put into creating this shoe.

For purchase purposes, refer to the details below

Where To Buy The Air Jordan 1 KO low Shadow

  • Price:$120
  • Release Date: 2023-05-01
  • Style Code:DX4981-002
  • Color: Black / Sail / Medium Grey


You may purchase it now on eBay from our featured sellers via authenticity guaranteed, CLICK HERE

Resale Value

There are currently no sales’ data for the shoe but that shouldn’t prevent us from making a solid assumption on its possible value on third party marketplaces. Let’s first see how well the shoe is trending.

Current Trend

air jordan 1 ko low shadow interest over time

The graph above gives us a summary of the interest over time for the shoe for the past 7 days. As you can see, interest reached its peak on April 25th right around 4 am with a score of 100. But for the most part, it has been very sporadic and relatively weak, below the 25 mark. As of May 1, interest is currently 16, below 25, so folks aren’t really desperately looking for this colorway. That might explain why no sales have been recorded thus far.

The ratio between between the demand and the supply on third party marketplaces is currently 4:14 , with the supply exceeding the demand by 250%, that is not great news. It certainly confirms that the average consumer is really not looking for this shoe.

What are sellers currently asking for the AJ1 KO Low Shadow?

Sellers are currently asking about $490 for the shoe but that doesn’t mean people are going to pull the trigger on that, actually as I’ve already mentioned, no sales have been recorded yet. There were about four buyers’ offers and none of them were above the suggested MSRP. So we can assume that at most, the shoe might sell anywhere between $136 and $200 ( and that’s really stretching it) but it will take a while for it to sell. Would I recommend it buying it for resale purposes? Probably not based on the reasons I’ve already given you.

Air Jordan 1 KO Low Shadow DX4981-002

Air Jordan 1 KO Low Shadow DX4981-002

Air Jordan 1 KO Low Shadow DX4981-002

Air Jordan 1 KO Low Shadow DX4981-002

Air Jordan 1 KO Low Shadow DX4981-002

Air Jordan 1 KO Low Shadow DX4981-002

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