Air Jordan 7 GC China Chile Red CW2805-160, Resale Value & How Many Pairs Possibly Made?

Air Jordan 7 GC China Chile Red CW2805-160 how many made, resale
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The Air Jordan 7 GC China Chile Red is officially releasing on September the 12th, the same day the Oregon 5 is releasing. The shoe features a black nubuck upper with  white and red leather overlays. On some of them, there is also a very discreet finish inspired by dragon scales. Additional details include  a gold Jumpman at the ankle, Chinese characters on the tongue and heel, a traditional print on the inner sides and a multicolored outsole. Let’s try to figure out the number of pairs that might have been produced with the little data that we have. Let’s first get quick count of the stockists that will be allocated an inventory beside Nike.

Major Retailers: Nike only in the US

International Stockists: BSTN, Overkill, Footpatrol, Afewstore, Footdistrict, Solebox, Sivadescalzo, SNS, Fastsole, Titolo, END

There might be more stockists but thus far, these are the only I could confirm. Our next step will be setting up some assumptions and running our numbers. The picture below will guide us in the process of building our assumptions.

air jordan 7 gc china chile red

I fetched this picture from END, basically we can assume that the store has about 21 sizes available for the Jordan 7 GC Chile Red. Now we need to figure out how many pairs per shoe will be given to them. I’ll assume that it will be 20 pairs per size, hence the following assumptions.

  1. Nike will receive 1/3 of the inventory
  2. The European stockists number will represent 1/2 of the inventory Nike receives
  3. And the remaining inventory will be given to unknown international stockists

Running The Numbers:

END’s total inventory= 21 x 20= 420 pairs and since I’ve only confirmed 11 locations , we’ll assume that the total number of pairs for the boutiques is:

420 pairs x 11= 4620 pairs, let say 5000 pairs

Since this represents a 1/2 of the inventory from Nike, we can conclude that Nike’s allocation is: 5000 x 2= 10,000 pairs

And the total number of pairs will be: 10,000 x 3= 30,000 pairs ( based on our initial assumptions). We can stretch that number and assume that the total number of pairs produced worldwide will fall within the 30,000 < # of pairs possibly made< 45,000 

PS: As you all know, I always have to add this disclaimer because every single projection that I make is purely based on assumptions that I have set. It is meant to give you an idea of what to expect, I don’t work any of these brands/retailers I mentioned and have no access to their numbers. I’m only using what is available to create plausible assumptions.

Now let’s talk about the resell prediction for the Air Jordan 7 Greater China

air jordan 7 GC china chile red resale value vs time

The chart above is pretty clear, it  is a breakdown of the average resale value per day since Saturday , September the 5th of 2020. The shoe has been trending down from its initial value of $275. It is now at $249 and I expect it to lose another 4%-5% of its value by the time it releases. The resale value will probably fall within the $236< Resale Value < $250. Profit margins will fall within the $7 < profit < $21. I’m not even sure if this shoe will sell out instantly. Let’s not forget that the Jordan 5 Oregon is releasing on the same day, this wasn’t a great move by Nike as far as retailers are concerned. There you have it folks.

Product Information

Air Jordan 7 GC China Chile Red

  • Price:$200
  • Release Date:09-12-2020
  • Style Code:CW2805-160
  • Color:White / University Red/ Black / Metallic Gold

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Air Jordan 7 GC China Chile Red CW2805-160 how many made, resale Air Jordan 7 GC China Chile Red CW2805-160 how many made, resale Air Jordan 7 GC China Chile Red CW2805-160 how many made, resale

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