Air Jordan 6 DMP CT4954-007 Resale Value & How Many Pairs Possibly Made?

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Things have drastically changed since the Covid- 19 and most companies are operating solely through their e-commerce shop. The Air Jordan 6 DMP is dear to me and today I decided to investigate how many possible pairs Nike could put out to the general public. I usually take a count of the major, minor retailers and boutiques that are allocated an inventory but today I’ll lean strictly on numbers obtained from Nike’s closest longtime partner, Footlocker to create my estimate.

We already know that the DMP Jordan 6 will be a GR ( General Release) so all FTL, FTA, Champs along with their online stores would be allocated. Let’s not forget to also squeeze in Eastbay. Now let’s create our assumptions


There are close to a 1000 FTL stores, 272 FTA stores and 547 Champs stores. So let’s set up the assumptions as if this was an in-store and online release.

  1. Nike will acquire  ¼ of the production, Footlocker,  Footaction, Champs & Eastbay will also receive 1/4 , Finishline, Hibbett, Dick’s and all the minor retailers will receive the remaining 1/2
  2. We’ll assign an average of 24 pairs per FTL store, 18 per FTA store & 18 per Champs; and  we’ll give the online stores about 1/3 of the total the physical stores are given.
  1. We’ll also assign an extra ⅓ to Eastbay from the combined online allocations from FTL, FTA and Champs

Now we can run our numbers

Numbers For the Air Jordan 6 DMP

Footlocker’s physical store numbers based on our assumptions: 24 x 1000=24000 pairs

Footaction’s numbers ( physical sores): 272 x 18=4896 pairs

Champs numbers ( physical stores): 547x 18=9846 pairs

Total from the three entities=38742 pairs

Extras (  38742 x ⅓)=12914 pairs

Eastbay= 12914/3= 4305 pairs

Total from FTL & Family=55961 pairs

Grand total for North America= 55961 x 4=223844 let say 225,000 pairs

We can double that number if we consider the rest of the world and end up with a total production:

300,000 pairs < total Production< 450,000 pairs

PS: As you all know, I always have to add this disclaimer because every single projection that I make is purely based on assumptions that I have set. It is meant to give you an idea of what to expect, I don’t work any of these brands/retailers I mentioned and have no access to their numbers. I’m only using what is available to create plausible assumptions.

Resale Value Based On Time for the DMP Air jordan 6

air jordan 6 dmp avg price vs time

Resale Value By Size

air jordan 6 dmp avg price vs size

The set of outliers are {205, 287, 336, 350}

The AVG value with the outliers is about $248 and without it about $247 which isn’t much of a difference. The best sizes to acquire are size 14 and above and it makes perfect sense since they are scarce. The shoe will certainly sell out; guys are looking at profits between $10 and $20 or common sizes ( mark ups between 5% and 10%).

Sizes 14 and 16 yield to the best margins at $33 and $106 ( for markups between 15.56% and 50.24%).

There you have it folks

Where To Buy Authentic Pairs Of The DMP Jordan 6



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