Air Jordan 5 Alternate Bel Air DB3335-100 Resale Value & How Many Pairs Possibly Made?

Air-Jordan-5-alternate bel air DB3335-100 How many pairs made & resale value
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The Air Jordan 5 Alternate Bel-Air is the much-awaited follow up of Jordan Brand’s OG AJ 5 “Bel-Air” back from 2013 that was inspired by the 1990’s popular show “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” starring Will Smith, who wore the Air Jordan 5’s during various episodes. While the 90’s style popular detailing and vibrant colors are still there, the Alternate Bel-Air  5  features a white leather upper marked with a neon color that goes hand in hand with the purple midsoles, taking the shoes to a whole new level. Black detailing on the eyelets, laces, and tongue provide a sense of calm and contrast, making it a shoe for every occasion. I didn’t plan on writing a projection post on the shoe but given its “classic” status, I decided to do so. Let’s quickly get a count of the USA stockists allocated an inventory beside Nike.

Major Retailers: 

Footlocker (FTL), Footaction (FTA), Champs ( in-stores and online), Finishline, JD Sports, Hibbett

Minor Retailers: 

Ruvilla/DTLR, Jimmy Jazz, Snipes, Shoe City, Sheikh, Shoe Palace, Eblens


Renarts, Nicekicks, Exclucity, Sneaker Politics, Bait, Bodega, Exclucity and a few more

Now let’s set up our assumptions:

There are close to a 1000 FTL stores, 272 FTA stores and 547 Champs stores. 

  1. Nike will acquire 1/5 of the production, Footlocker,  Footaction, Champs & Eastbay will also receive 2/5 , Finishline, JD sports,  and  Hibbett will receive 1/5  and all the minor retailers and boutiques  will receive the remaining 1/5
  2. We’ll assign an average of 24 pairs per FTL store, 18 per FTA store & 18 per Champs; and  we’ll give the online stores about 1/3 of the total the physical stores are given.
  1. We’ll also assign an extra ⅓ to Eastbay from the combined online allocations from FTL, FTA and Champs

Now we can run our numbers

Numbers For the Air Jordan 5 Ghost Green

Footlocker’s physical store numbers based on our assumptions: 24 x 1000=24000 pairs

Footaction’s numbers ( physical sores): 272 x 18=4896 pairs

Champs numbers ( physical stores): 547x 18=9846 pairs

Total from the three entities=38742 pairs

Extras for the e-shop (  38742 x ⅓)=12914 pairs

Eastbay= 12914/3= 4305 pairs

Total from FTL & Family=55961 pairs. Since this number represents 2/5 of the production, the grand total for North America will be:

Grand Total= (55961 ) x 2 + (55961)/2 = 130, 902 pairs and based on possible errors in my assumptions I reserve the right to stretch this number to 150,000 pairs

We can double or triple that number if we consider the rest of the world and end up with a total production:

300,000 pairs < total Production< 450,000 pairs

PS: As you all know, I always have to add this disclaimer because every single projection that I make is purely based on assumptions that I have set. It is meant to give you an idea of what to expect, I don’t work any of these brands/retailers I mentioned and have no access to their numbers. I’m only using what is available to create plausible assumptions.

Resale Value

air jordan 5 alternate bel air resale value vs time

The histogram above gives you a breakdown of the average value of the sales recorded between 8/12 and 8/14. The quick inference we can make about this shoe is that it will definitely sell out instantly. The current resale value is in the high $200’s ( $270-$280) and I’m assuming that this value will remain steady. I don’t expect it to drop any lower than $270. This shoe is certainly going to hold its value. Its retail price is about $200 before tax and roughly $212 after tax. Folks are looking at profit margins within the ($45-$60) range for mark ups within the (22%-27%) range. Let’s also see sizes that lead to the highest revenues

air jordan 5 alternate bel air resale value vs size

You can clearly see what sizes to aim for if you’re looking to maximize your earnings. This is self explanatory.

The Air Jordan 5 Alternate Bel-Air is set to release on August 15th and will retail for $200 as I said earlier. You can buy it from the retailers in the paragraphs above or purchase it on eBay now from our featured sellers-CLICK HERE



Air-Jordan-5-alternate bel air DB3335-100 Air-Jordan-5-alternate bel air DB3335-100 Air-Jordan-5-alternate bel air DB3335-100 Air-Jordan-5-alternate bel air DB3335-100 Air-Jordan-5-alternate bel air DB3335-100


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