Air Jordan 4 Thunder: A Blast From The Past, Definitely Worth Reselling, Here’s Where to Buy It

air jordan 4 thunder release date and resale value
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As someone that has been invested in the sneaker world for quite some time,  I cannot help but reminisce about the good old days of collecting when it was more about the passion of the game rather than posting incessant pictures on social media for likes. One particular memory that stands out for me is when the Air Jordan 4 Thunder was retroed for the first time in 2012. I was able to grab two pairs for only $160 before tax at my local DTLR. Looking back, those were simpler times, and I can’t help but wonder why it took Nike 11 years to reintroduce this classic.

The Thunder 4 certainly captures the essence of the 90s and of Michael Jordan’s thundering effect. When they were first released in 2006, they quickly stood out from the crowd thanks to their bold black and yellow design. The shoe’s OG shape features a black nubuck upper paired with yellow contrasting accents throughout, making them a definite eye-catcher to this day.

One of the things that I love most about the Jordan 4 Thunder is how its design has a timeless quality that withstands the test of time. More than a decade has gone by since they were first reintroduced, and Nike didn’t disappoint when they brought them back to the market. They have a special place in sneaker history, as they are more than just any ordinary pair of shoes. They represent a time when collecting sneakers was a passion rather than a business. Despite all the changes in the world of sneakers, nothing can change how it felt to unwrap the box, slide them on for the first time, and experience the feeling of owning a true work of art. If you’re interested in picking up a pair, see details below.

Where To Buy The Air Jordan 4 Thunder

Colorway: Black/White-Tour Yellow
Style #: DH6927-017
Release Date: May 13, 2023
Price: $210


Nike, DTLR, Footlocker, Finishline, JD Sports

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I also wrote a post on how to quickly spot fake pair of the Thunder 4’s, see post below

Fake Air Jordan 4 Thunder Sneakers Are Already Circulating, Beware

Resale Value

Air Jordan 4 Thunder Resale Value Vs time

The chart above gives us a summary of the average sale price of the shoe as of May 11, 2023. The current going price on third party marketplaces is about $284, but let’s see what the five number summary reveals.

Minimum: 244
Quartile Q1: 263.5
Median: 276
Quartile Q3: 313.25
Maximum: 338

The lowest sale recorded was $244, for a size 7 while the highest sale was $338 for a size 10. About 25% of the shoes sold between $244 and $264 ( see next chart for exact sizes). Half of them sold between $263 and $313 and the top 25% which also make up the highest sales were from $313 to $338. There was no outlier and the overall average resale value was $284 with a 9% volatility ( below average), that’s good news.

At $284, you can expect to make about +$35, a 16% mark up ( slightly above average), that’s pretty good considering the fact that this is a General Release Sneaker. The next chart will show you the current margins by size sold.

Air Jordan 4 thunder current earnings by size sold

You’re definitely not going to lose money reselling the thunder 4 based on the records above, but to maximize your earnings, you should target sizes 8,9,9.5, 10-12. This is probably one of the best GR’s to resell this month both for the short and long term.

Air Jordan 4 Thunder DH6927-017 On-Feet
Air Jordan 4 Thunder DH6927-017 On-Feet
Air Jordan 4 Thunder DH6927-017 On-Feet

Air Jordan 4 Thunder DH6927-017 On-Feet

Air Jordan 4 Thunder DH6927-017 On-Feet

Air Jordan 4 Thunder DH6927-017 On-Foot

Air Jordan 4 Thunder DH6927-017 On-Foot

Air Jordan 4 Thunder DH6927-017 On-Foot

images courtesy of Yankeekicks



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